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What is the best riser recliner chair?  These are the best lift chairs in the UK

Everyone who is looking for the best riser recliner chair for them is looking for something different.  There are chairs with single motors, dual motors, massage.  Chairs with button back, T-back and waterfall back.  That is even before you begin to look at the range of fabrics, comfort and user weight limits.

All of the above make it very difficult to write this article, but I am going to attempt to put together our own personal favourite list of 5 best riser recliner chairs.

5: The Canterbury

You will generally find that when looking for a chair that includes massage, you will be looking the best part of £1,000.  The Canterbury offers users the chance to pay less and get the benefit of having a dual motor chair, in leather no less.  This is a great chair, well worthy of a place on this list.

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4: The LC101

The LC101 is a best selling riser recliner for good reason.  For the money, you will struggle to find a better chair.  This single motor chair has a reclining motion that will lay almost flat to a sleeping position.  The manufacturers have designed this chair for people who will be spending a lot of time in it.

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3: The Evesham

I think of the Evesham as a kind of all rounder.  It does more or less everything well.  This dual motor riser recliner has a quiet lifting motion and beautiful fabric at a great price.

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2: The Chicago

The Chicago riser recliner has been a best selling chair for years.  The reasons for this are numerous, it is extremely reliable, the motor is powerful and it is available for an affordable price.  Feedback from customers is that the chair is comfortable, they can always rely on it and even in the even of a power cut, the battery backup is there just in case.

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1: The Oldbury

The Oldbury is like a hidden gem.  It is not available in most mobility outlets and can be found more or less exclusively on Amazon.  A friend recently purchased this chair for a parent and have since commented that it has made such a difference that they would have gladly paid double what was paid.

The attractive fabric adds to quality of this chair.  It has a silent lift and recline motor that has proven to be very reliable and is also capable of lifting upto 23st.  The word budget sometimes bring negative feeling in terms of quality, that is not the case here, this is quality at a budget price.

We fully recommend the Oldbury riser recliner chair as best in class and a highly recommended mobility aid.

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I hope that you found a chair in this best of article that is suitable for you.  I have tried to include at least one chair that will be suitable for everyone but it is not always possible.  If you have not found anything suitable please see the riser recliner category.