Small Recliner Chair (C1 Petite)

If you are looking for a small recliner chair, the C1 Petite should be your first choice.  For a smaller person, a standard riser recliner chair will be too wide and not provide the level of comfort [...]

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Hainworth Recliner Chair with Massage

The Hainworth is a real step forward in recliner chairs.  Made from real leather, the Hainworth has a superb built in massage function that is normally found only in much more expensive chairs.  Normally, when buying a [...]

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Ideal Christmas Presents for the Elderly

In this article I look at some of the better gifts for disabled people and the elderly. It is the age old question; what on earth do I buy for my elderly parents or relative. It can be an [...]

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4 Wheeled Commode Combination Review

The 4 wheeled commode by Days Healthcare is a value for money commode that adds additional functionality to the standard commodes available on the market. Featuring removeable armrests, backrest and footrests, the 4 wheeled commode is very [...]

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Circulation Booster Review

I have seen quite a few of these devices over the years that make claims of having health benefits.  The circulation booster backs up these claims with clinical testing.  Tests have shown that these devices reduce swelling [...]

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Mobility Scooter Crutch Holder

If you use a mobility scooter, changes are you will have a disability that requires you use a walking stick or crutch when walking.  What happens when you get of the scooter when you reach your destination?  [...]

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Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift Review

The Bathmaster Deltis bath lift has been around for a few years now and for good reason.  It is a reliable, nice looking and very functional bathlift. If you or a relative has been struggling to get [...]

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Montreal Dual Motor Rise and Recline Chair

The Montreal rise and recline chair is a cost effective and stylish dual motor chair and is available in three attractive colours (black, cream and chestnut). The dual motor functionality allows the leg rests and back rests [...]

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