Non-Slip Tablemat by Tenura

I was recently asked to review a range of products by Tenura, a manufacturer of anti-slip products based in the UK.  The first product up for review is the non-slip tablemat. It is pretty obvious that Tenura [...]

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Guide to Buying a Wheelchair

This guide is designed to help clarify the characteristics and considerations when buying a wheelchair. There are many different kinds in existence, though the regular budget transportation chairs range from basic to the intricate custom-made activity wheelchairs. It is vital [...]

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4 Wheeled Commode Combination Review

The 4 wheeled commode by Days Healthcare is a value for money commode that adds additional functionality to the standard commodes available on the market. Featuring removeable armrests, backrest and footrests, the 4 wheeled commode is very [...]

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