>>CBD Oil for Anxiety – My Experience

CBD Oil for Anxiety – My Experience

  • Thought to relieve pain

  • May reduce anxiety and stress

  • Could reduce or beat cancer

  • May treat skin conditions

  • Thought to reduce the risk of diabetes

  • Could help with heart health

CBD Oil Trial for Anxiety – A Home Trial

Those of you who have read my blog posts previously know that I have suffered anxiety and depression for years.  Having a stressful job and busy life is not compatible with having high levels of anxiety. Over the years I have tried many herbal remedies such as St. Johns Wart, Kalms and prescribed medicines from a Doctor such as Propananol and I even tried Prozac.  I recently saw a news article which looked in depth at the benefits of using cbd oil for anxiety and stress so I decided to give it a go.  I am going to update this blog post a few times a week over the next month with an honest review of Cannabidiol (cbd oil) and any positive or negative effects.

I think it is important to make clear before I get started that the manufacturers of these products do not claim that CBD oil can reduce stress or anxiety, beat cancer, prevent diabetes or cure acne, and is listed a simple food supplement.  The lack of medical claims mean that these products can get around certain testing that would probably stop them being sold.  I will also say that I am not giving medical advice in this article and my comments are purely from my own experience and is a true, honest reflection of my experience.

I have previously been looking online and noticed that Holland and Barratt had started selling it, though at a reduced strength.  The product I found on Amazon (link above) was starting to get some great reviews although it was in my opinion a little expensive to use at the moment as I am only giving it a try.  Maybe if I have good results I will up the dosage.

Day 1 – March 23rd 2018

cbd oil for anxietyAfter a particularly stressful week at work I decided to stop by my local vape store on my way home as I needed some more e-liquid, while there I spotted something on the shelf that I had been seeing a lot about.  I have been reading about the benefits of CBD oil for anxiety and stress for a few weeks now.

The young lad in the shop was actually very knowledgeable and talked me through the different options, again not claiming any medical benefits.  There was a wide selection of oils available, mostly to add to e-liquids, which I wasn’t really interested in doing just yet.  I settled on the standard oil with a dripper which according to my new friend would be put under the tongue and left there for a minutes.  At £19.99 I though it would be worth a try and although it was only a 10ml bottle, I should be able to get a good idea if the product will work for me.  The strength of the CBD oil I purchased is 250mg which is less than is currently available on Amazon but a lot cheaper, but it should be ok to get a good idea of the long term benefits if I was to stick with it.  I am certainly not expecting miracles here, but claims of people who have beat cancer, cured heart disease and prevented worsening of diabetes certainly give me hope.

As soon I got it home I decided to give it a try and put a few drops under my tongue to allow it to absorb.  First impressions were that is was difficult not to swallow for a “few minutes” but there was no bad taste when I finally did.

I went to bed around 11:30pm and found that I fell to sleep slightly faster than usual and was able to switch off a lot easier.  I am used to waking up around 5am thanks to the anxiety, even though I don’t need to be up until around 7:30am.  I was able to make it to 7am today.  I would have preferred 8am with it being a weekend, but I can’t complain at that.

The early signs of my trial are good and I hope the progress continues.

Day 2 – March 24th 2018

On reflection, Friday might not have been the best time to start this trial.  Weekends are of course less stressful, so I don’t expect to be able to give an honest opinion for a few days yet.  I feel like I do most weekends, tired from the previous week and dreading the next five days so I’ll continue with this blog early next week.

  • Extracted from the cannabis plant

  • Not addictive

  • Doesn’t make you high

  • Neutral taste

  • Interacts with the serotonin receptors in the brain

  • Available in drops, tablets and eliquid

Day 8 – March 30th 2018

I have been using CBD oil for anxiety for a whole week now.  I have been following the dosage instructions on the box religiously, putting half a dropper of oil under the tongue every morning and again in the evening.  Also I have been supplimenting this with a low dosage eliquid additive.

I have yet to see any side effects of cbd oil that are listed on the packaging.  I did find it a little strange that one of the listed side effects could possibly be increased anxiety when that is one of the main reasons I am using it, to reduce anxiety.

Results so far I would say are good.  I certainly feel less stressed and seem to be sleeping better.  It is still early days though, so it will be interesting to see if this pattern stays the same or I improve even more over the coming weeks.

Day 11 – April 2nd 2018

Today was a bad day.  My anxiety was back to normal and I was feeling really dejected because of it.  I did forget to take my CBD oil yesterday because I was out late last night.  Is this related? Who knows but I am going to try not to miss any more doses just in case.  I wasn’t planning on taking cbd oil for the rest of my life so I hope that as soon as I stop taking after this 30 day trial that there will be some on going benefits.

One point I would make if you have been using cbd oil in your electronic cigarette, please use a dedicated tank.  Once you put cbd oil in your ecig, you will never and I mean never ever get rid of the taste.  You can change coils and scrub the tank but you will always have that taste which of course as it ages becomes to taste pretty foul.

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