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Nitro Four Wheel Walker with Seat Review

Introducing the nitro 4 wheel walker.  It has been designed to be modern looking and to have features that will benefit a wide range of users and disabilities. If you are looking for a four wheel walker [...]

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Walker Wheelchair Combo Review

The walker wheelchair combo by Performance Health combines two mobility aids.  Functioning as both a four wheeled walker and basic transit wheelchair.  It has an excellent build quality and is suitable for people up to 25st, however [...]

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Trolley Walking Aid Review

The trolley walking aid by Days (Performance Health) is a combination tea trolley and walking frame complete with wheels and locking brakes.  Thanks to these large wheels, the trolley can be used inside or outside.  It has [...]

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Uniscan Triumph 4 Wheel Walker Review

The first thing you will probably notice is the price.  I would ask you to please reserve judgement until you have fully read this review as to whether you think the Uniscan triumph 4 wheel walker is [...]

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Lightweight Aluminium Rollator Review

There is a good reason this is the number one best selling rollator on Amazon and possibly anywhere in the UK.  The lightweight aluminium rollator (model: R88L) by Drive Medical is a well built, reliable walking aid [...]

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Days Tea Trolley Review

What a fantastic idea.  Ideal for those who are unable to carry items due to disability, the Days tea trolley is height adjustable to ensure it is suitable for a wide range of people. The trolley has [...]

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Gemino Rollator Review

The Gemino rollator (4 wheel walker) is a genius idea.  It is unbelievably lightweight at just 7.1kg which means the user, carer or family member will have no issues in transporting the walker in a car. The [...]

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Drive Diamond Rollator Review

If you are looking for a folding 4 wheel walker, also known as a rollator, you should not look past the Drive Diamond Rollator by Drive Medical. Please don't be put off by the price, you are [...]

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