Aluminium Self Propel Wheelchair Review

The aluminium self propel wheelchair by Drive Medical has a lightweight frame and has adjustable and removal arm rests (lift up). The anti-tip wheels on the back are also adjustable.  This wheelchair has been built for user [...]

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Self Propelled Budget Wheelchair

If you are looking for a budget self propelled wheelchair im sure this wheelchair will be fine.  As the wheelchair is made from steel rather than aluminium it is not particularly lightweight.  At nearly 20kg, it may [...]

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Swift Self Propelled Wheelchair Review

The Swift Self Propelled Wheelchair is an excellent wheelchair.  It has a very lightweight frame (10.2kg) which will make it easy to move around when it is not in use. As well as being self propelled so the [...]

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Drive Medical LAWC012A 20inch Wheelchair Review

The Drive Medical LAWC012A 20inch Wheelchair is a unique looking chair.  That isn't a bad thing by the way, the actual wheelchair is fantastic.  It has a two tone grey fabric design which actually looks pretty nice. [...]

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Excel Globetraveller Wheelchair Review

The Excel Globetraveller wheelchair by Vanos Medical is a high quality transit wheelchair with attendant brakes. With a maximum user weight of 15.7st (100kg), the chair is not suitable for larger users.  The chair is equipped with [...]

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