What are the best four wheel walkers available?  These are the best rollators in the UK

There are a lot of 4 wheel walkers available on the market.  While they all offer the same purpose, they are not all the same quality or value for money.  I have put together a list of the five best four wheel walkers on the market today.

When looking for a new walker, you should consider the price, build quality including reliability and features such as locking brakes, shopping basket and if there is a seat.  You may also need to consider if the rollator folds up so it can be stored away.

R8 Lightweight Walker
Budget Price
Locking Brakes
Rubber Wheels
Gemino Rollator
Modern Design
Locking Brakes
Storage Bag
Large Wheels
Reflective Strips
The Diamond Rollator
Modern Design
Premium Price
Folds Easily
Fabric Seat
Folding Rollator
Budget Price
Back Support
Shopping Basket
Locking Brakes
Folds Vertically
Nitro Rollator
Attractive, Modern Design
Good Price
Shopping Bag
Large Wheels
Folds Easily

5: The Lightweight Aluminium Rollator

Starting off our list of the best walkers available on the market today is an excellent budget rollator by Performance Health.  The walker is not particularly attractive by modern standards, however I usually go for function over appearance.  This walker has all of the usual features such as locking brakes, folding seat and storage basket.

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4: The Gemino Rollator

The Gemino is the top of the range walking aid.  It comes with a high price tag but you are paying that little extra for style and function.  It is lightweight which means it is easy to transport and store away when not in use.  The Gemino is very well built and will take upto 23.6st.  There are even reflector strips built in so the user can be seen easily in the dark.

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3: The Diamond Rollator

When writing these reviews, I take into account a number of factors.  Two of the main things I take into consideration are appearance and function.  This rollator by Drive Medical ticks both of those boxes.  It is a little more expensive than most walkers, but you are paying for a large number of features and an attracting, modern design.  When putting a list together of the best 4 wheel walkers, the Drive Diamond Rollator has to be considered as one of the best.

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2: Folding Rollator with Seat

The folding rollator with seat is a similar design to the Gemino, just a little cheaper.  For the lower price you can expect slightly less build quality however the products we have tested performed well.

One of the major selling points of this walker is how lightweight it is and the fact it folds to an incredibly small size.  This means that this walker is very easily transportable.

This rollator is fully height adjustable to it should be suitable for most users

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The Best Four Wheel Walker Available

Below is our choice as the best rollator available online today.  Don’t always just go for the cheapest walker, think about factors such as reliability, comfort, design and whether there are accessories such as shopping bags.

1: The Nitro Four Wheel Walker

One of my favourite mobility aids ever.  The new Nitro four wheel walker with seat by Drive is in my opinion best in class.  It has a modern look and is packed with features.  Available in Black, Red and White this rollator is a real hit with customers.  The colour coded front shopping bag can be removed to carry small amounts of shopping.

The Nitro rollator has large front wheels so it can be maneuvered easily as well as an adjustable backrest and handles.

When we decided to write about the best four wheel walkers available, the Nitro came to mind immediately.  We recommend this walker as our number one choice as the best rollator that is currently available.

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best rollators

I hope you found something of interest in our list.  Rather than just finding cheap walking aids, I concentrated on finding high quality walkers at a good price.

Rollators are sometimes known as walkers, mobility walkers and disability walkers.

In this list I have tried to include at least one rollator that will be suitable for everyone whether it be a walker with a seat, locking brakes, storage bags and baskets.

There are a number of reasons that someone may require assistance when walking, often it is just a temporary situation following ankle surgery or leg surgery.  A four wheeled rollator will be one of the first disability aids that someone will buy and one of the most important, they give the user confidence and independence. They are commonly used by people who suffer with arthritis, mobility problems and old age.

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