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Hello, I’m Andrew, the founder and primary writer for Shop Disability.

I’m passionate about helping people of all abilities live an independent, comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle, and that’s why I created this website.

My journey began about 13 years ago when I became an aged and disability support worker, where I saw first hand how limiting it can be to lose mobility, either due to old age or a disability. 

I saw my clients struggle to get in and out of chairs. I saw them stumble and almost fall when walking short distances within the house. And I saw them struggle to maintain their personal hygiene by themselves. 

Worst of all, I saw the toll it can take on a person’s finances, health and wellbeing, and the strain it can put on their loved ones who now need to either organise cares, or become carers themselves.

On the flip side, I also saw how beneficial mobility aids can be. 

I saw people who were housebound enjoy the outdoors on a mobility scooter. I saw elderly people who were at high risk of falling walk around safely and securely with an upright walker

And I saw people who usually needed help in the bathroom maintain their personal hygiene independently with a commode.  

I saw mobility aids open up a whole new world of freedom for people who would otherwise be limited by their disability. 

I decided, after 5 years as a support worker, that I wanted to become more involved in helping people live an independent life by becoming a consultant for mobility aid producers. 

I was able to draw on my years of first hand experience to help manufacturers create mobility aids that are safe, easy to use, comfortable, and above all give the user that independence and freedom. 

But I still felt that the market was overwhelming and confusing for someone looking to purchase a mobility aid. 

And so I decided to create Shop Disability, with the sole purpose of guiding my readers to find the right mobility aid for them, at the best value. 

Each review article in this website includes information about the mobility product including it’s benefits, who it’s suitable for, common features, things to look out for and a list of considerations when choosing the right model (also known as a buying guide).

It also contains individual reviews of my top 5 or so products of that category that are currently available on the market, including features, pros and cons. 

In this website, I only ever recommend products that I have firsthand tried and tested, and would be happy to recommend to my personal clients as well. 

I provide truthful, honest and real reviews, and I try to be as comprehensive as possible so you can get a full understanding of the ins and outs of each product. 

My goal is to make the world of mobility aids simple and easy to navigate, and by reading my reviews I hope you can easily find the correct mobility aid for you or your loved one’s needs, at the right price as well. 

I love connecting with my readers so if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.

Otherwise I invite you to have a browse at my newest review articles below, or go directly to the product you want via the menu above. 

To your health,


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