Did you know that Amazon now offer VAT exemption for customers who qualify?  Anyone who suffers from a long lasting illness or disability can claim VAT back on qualifying products.  This article covers everything you need to know about Amazon VAT exemption.

Amazon have offered this facility for some time but it was poorly advertised and complicated.  They have now started to include the VAT exemption status in the title of the product so it is clearly marked.  You should note that this process only applies to products sold by Amazon, not third party sellers.  You will still be able to claim exemption but you will have to contact the seller directly.

Which products qualify as VAT exempt?

Not all products may be purchased VAT exempt.  Items that have been specifically designed for use by disabled people such as wheelchairs, 4 wheel walkers, mobility scooters, walking sticks and many more mobility aids do qualify.

Products such as cutlery, footwear and other disability aids that can be used by anyone may not always qualify as exempt from VAT.

Who qualifies as VAT exempt?

You would qualify as VAT exempt if you are suffering from a long term illness or disability, such as cancer, arthritis, stroke or other long lasting illness.  Short term issues such as broken bones will not qualify you for VAT exemption.

How to claim Amazon VAT exemption

Most online retailers have a VAT exemption form on their website as part of the checkout process when purchasing mobility aids.  Amazon will require you to print off a form and send it back to them and they will refund you the VAT after the purchase.

If you have any questions about VAT exemption, I will be happy to advise you.  Feel free to get in touch.