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Our Review

I don’t often review products I actually own, most of these reviews come from experience selling them to customers.  In my mid 30’s there are not too many of these products I actually need to use, but this one has been a godsend to me.   Anyone working in an office, will know the pain that poor office chairs can give you.  This seat has changed all that.  I no longer suffer any pain while sitting for long periods and I have even used it in the car when I know I am in for a long drive.

The backfriend seat is an orthopaedic and ergonomic seat that will improve posture and with its moulded and contoured base it gives great lumbar support.  It is available in single (1″ seat padding) and double (2″ seat padding).  It is not recommended to use the Backfriend in mobility scooters, powered wheelchairs or wheelchairs.

The backfriend can be height adjusted, so if you need to use the backfriend on different seats you can.  The seat even folds and has a carry handle for when you need to move it.

Admittedly it is not the most attractive thing in the world, but who cares.


  • Proven effect on posture

  • Moulded base

  • Adjustable back

  • Carry handle


  • Not the best looking