Basket Weave Commode Chair

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Our Review

One of the major reasons I like the basket weave commode is that is doesn’t look like a commode, when the seat is on, it just looks like a normal chair.  Perhaps the biggest reason for people being put off buying a commode is that most of them look hideous, we found this one to look just fine.

The commode is supplied in an attracting basket weave design that can be wiped down.  The plastic toilet seat has been designed to be ergonomic to add to the overall comfort of the commode.  Underneath, the pan can be removed and cleaned easily and has a handle so it is easy to carry and a it also has a lid.

A comfortable, padded seat covers the commode pan when not in use.

The overall width of the chair is 23.5″ and slightly less at the back as the arms curved outwards.  The padded seat is 18″ and the toilet seat underneath is 17″.   To the tallest part of the basket weave commode it is 30″ tall.    The commode will support users up to 25st.  The weight of the chair is 7kg when fully assembled (empty bucket!).  The commode arrived fully assembled so it could be used straight out of the box.

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  • Attractive design

  • Hidden potty

  • Wipe down material

  • Bariatric level weight limit


  • Price – You will pay a little more for this excellent commode

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