Welcome to our article about the best bath lift belts available today. We’ll get into the pros and cons of our top 2 models a bit further down the article, but first, let’s discuss what a bath lift belt actually is, and how it works.

Bath Lift Belts – Introduction

Bath lift belts, also referred to as fixed bath lifts, are bathing aids that are permanently fastened to the structure of the bathroom. They are made up of a large band of fabric and a motorized roller.

One end of the band attaches to the motorized roller which is securely fastened to one wall of the bath while the other end is fixed onto another unit attached to the floor on the opposite side of the bath. The band straddles the width of the tub.

They are primarily used to lower and raise the user in and out of the bath by relaxing and tightening the tension on the band.

Bath lift belts are perfect for those with limited mobility, as they help stabilise the user as they get into and out of the tub. This not only reduces the chance of injury or unnecessary stress on the body, but also allows the user a bit more independence at home.

Read on to see our pros and cons of the top 2 bath lift belts available today!

1.Bentley The Ultimate Bath Lift

bentley bath lift belt

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The Bentley Ultimate Mobility Bath Lift is considered as one of the best bath lifts because of its high quality mechanical parts and performance.

Key Product Features

  • Top-quality materials

This bath lift is made from marine-grade stainless steel and covered with durable UPVC.

  • User-friendly control panel

All the buttons are easy to understand and respond to a light touch, and are waterproof, as well.

  • Newest Lithium battery management

It runs on a 12-volt rechargeable Lithium battery pack that is lightweight and easy to handle. It requires a charging time of a mere 2 hours to provide you with around 20 lifts.

  • Temperature probe

It comes with a temperature probe so you can check the water temperature before getting in the bath.

  • Floating hand-held remote control

The hand held control panel floats on the water so you always know where it is. You also don’t have to worry about getting the remote control wet.

  • Slip cushion included

Included in this package is a slip cushion you can place on the belt to give you a more comfortable seat.

  • 1 Year manufacturer’s guarantee

Every bath lift is personally checked and inspected by the manufacturer’s experts to ensure a top-quality product, and this one is covered with a 1-year guarantee.

What’s in the box?

The Bentley Bath Lift comes with a remote control, battery, battery charger, temperature probe, anchor bar, back plate, slip cushion, 13 stainless steel expansion bolts, and an operating instructions manual.

The back plate measures 42 cm long and 14 cm wide, has 3 holes on the top end and another 3 holes on the bottom end spaced 19 cm apart. The stainless-steel expansion bolts are 6 cm long.

The bath lift unit itself measures 56 cm long and 30 cm wide. The belt is made of a heavy-duty quick-dry nylon fabric and is about 2 meters long.

Its maximum user weight capacity is 127 kg or 20 stone, making it appropriate for most adults.

Pros and Cons

Perhaps the Bentley Bath Lift’s most notable feature is its CE Class 1 certification. CE marking is a certification indicating strict compliance with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for all products that are to be sold within the European Economic Area.

The Bentley’s CE Class 1 certification guarantees its conformity with the strict standards set by onboard experts after rigorous clinical evaluations and inspections. It denotes low to medium risks for users.

One issue that has pulled some customers back about this product is the concern about pacemakers. There are indicators that the radio waves it emits can interfere with pacemakers.

Another thing that some users have complained about is the fact that since the belt lowers the user from one side only, you tend to get tilted towards the wall, requiring you to shift your position from side to side as you descend. It is a nuisance to some but not necessarily a deal breaker.

2. Relaxa Bath Lifter Belt

relaxa bath lift belt

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The Relaxa Belt Bath Lifter is a solid and dependable bathing solution for the elderly and disabled. It is proudly made in the UK using only the best and highest quality stainless-steel parts and accessories for strength and durability.

Key Product Features

  • Rechargeable power

The Relaxa Bath Lift is powered by 2 12-volt rechargeable lead-acid batteries to give 24 volts of direct current supply to its motor. No electrical mains supply is needed, providing extra safety to the user.

  • Low power indicator

There are red and green indicator lights plus an audible alarm that will notify you when the battery charge is low.

  • Unit and handset controls

You can control this bath lift using the backup buttons on the unit itself or you can use the water-resistant hand-held remote control.

  • Integral handle

A handle is also provided with the unit, which can be repositioned or even removed if needed. This is a great addition for those who require extra stability getting into or out of the tub.

  • Thermometer

A thermometer with an immersible probe is included to enable you to check the water temperature before getting in.

  • Anti-belt reversal mechanism

It is equipped with an anti-belt reversal mechanism to prevent the belt from rolling up in reverse and causing injury.

What’s in the Box?

The Relaxa Bath Lift comes with a remote control, wall mounting plate, belt sleeve, floor anchor bar, battery box, 300mA charger, and instruction manual.

This bath lift unit measures 55.5 cm long, 32.5 cm high, 11.8 cm deep, and weighs 11 kg. The belt is made from reinforced propylene, and measures 2 meters long and 36 cm wide. Its maximum user load is up to 127 kg or 20 stone.

Pros and Cons

The Relaxa Bath lift has several safety features you cannot find in other products of the same price range.

Aside from the anti-belt reversal mechanism, it also has a safety feature that prevents excessive tension on the belt if the control button is held down too long as you position it across the bath.

It is also equipped with a micro-switch to prevent the bar from being taken into the unit if the UP button is pressed too long.

The company’s innovative vision also comes into play as they are now also selling a backrest and bath seat specifically designed to go with the bath lift for the extra support and convenience.

Many customers have lauded the fact that, if you knew a little DIY, you can install this unit yourself. You do not need to hire an ultra-expensive professional. The trouble is, the package comes with the wall mounting plate and floor anchor bar, but the fixing screws you would need to attach them to the wall and floor are not included. You have to buy them separately.

Bath Lift Belts – Conclusion

Overall, bath lift belts really are a worthwhile investment for the elderly, mobility impaired, or even those suffering from arthritis or sore joints. They provide that extra stability and independence that can make bath time enjoyable and relaxing again.

We believe that both models reviewed above are an excellent choice when it comes to quality, performance, functionality and durability.

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