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Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift – Our Review

The Bathmaster Deltis bath lift has been around for a few years now and for good reason.  It is a reliable, nice looking and very functional bathlift.

If you or a relative has been struggling to get in or out of the bath, one of the first things you should look at is a bathlift.

The Bathmaster Deltis bathlift is an excellent place to start.  It is an excellent price and is available with white or blue covers.

With a  maximum user weight of 22st (140kg), the Deltis will be suitable for most users.

For easy removal and cleaning, the Deltis split in two pieces and is lightweight so it is easily transportable for even those with a low level of strength.

The manufacturer offers an attractive 3 year warranty on the Deltis, which goes a long way to show the high quality and reliability of the Deltis.

The Bathmaster Deltis bath lift has side covers that will stop the lift catching handles at the side of the bath.

The handset charges separately from the lift.  The means that the lift can be left in the bath while the handset which has an integral battery charges.

The handset can safely float in the water with the user in the bath.

This bath lift also has high quality suction cups at the base of it to prevent it from slipping or rising in the bath water. 

It moves very smoothly and with good stability, making it perfect for frail users or those with low strength.

The chair also goes right down to the bottom of the bath, enabling the user to be submerged properly in the tub.

Ideal candidates for this bath lift are those suffering from arthritis or knee pain, as it allows you to soak in a warming bath that can ease pain without extra stress on the joints when you get in or out of the tub.

Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift – Pros and Cons


  • Great price

  • Separates into two pieces for easy transport and cleaning

  • Powerful motor for lifting

  • Lightweight


  • None

Overall, the Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift if an excellent bath lift – reliable, easy to use, safe and affordable.

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