The Bellavita Bath Lift is a reclining bath lift designed in collaboration with nursing professionals. It is designed to help the user get into and out of the bath tub as safely and comfortably as possible.

It’s perfect for the elderly, those suffering from arthritis or sore joints, and those with low mobility, particularly in the legs and hips. It gives independence back to the user, allowing them to enjoy a bath whenever they want without relying on someone else for help.

With that said, let’s now get into the features, pros and cons of the Bellavita bath lift!

Bellavita Bath Lift – Our Review

bellavita bath lift

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Components and Specifications


Height – 64 cm

Width – 32 cm. – 36 cm

Recline – 50°


Maximum height – 48 cm

Minimum height – 6 cm

Width – 35 cm

Depth – 42 cm

Length – 57 cm


Width – 31 cm

Length – 56 cm

Total Length When Reclined – 83 cm

Total Width including Side Flaps – 70 cm

Total Weight – 9.3 kg

Maximum Weight Capacity – 140 kg or 22 stones

Key Features

The Bella Vita Bath Lift, at 9.3 kg, is the lightest bath lift available today, facilitating movement into and out of the bath whenever needed. The whole bath lift is made up of 2 separate and ultra-lightweight components, which means that assembling and dissembling the lift is quick and easy.

We like it’s simple, contoured design which blends into the aesthetic of most bathrooms. It’s also designed to fit into pretty much all standard bath tubs.

Its maximum seat height of 48 cm, plus the unique front opening, allows the user to easily get on and off the lift. It lowers to a minimum height of 6 cm, allowing full immersion into the tub.

The 50° back recline allows the user to relax in the tub as if they weren’t sitting on a bath lift at all.

The bath lift is made from a heavy-duty plastic frame that is extremely durable, waterproof, and, as mentioned, lightweight and portable.

The seat is equipped with hygienic covers that can be removed for washing, or if you prefer to use the lift without them.

It is simple to operate through the waterproof hand control. It has large, brightly-coloured buttons that are easy to see and use even for users with little strength.

It is also equipped with a quick-charge lithium-ion battery, which has indicator lights that let you know when the device needs to be charged.

This bath lift is covered by a 2-year manufacturer guarantee on the frame, motor, handset, and battery.

Safety Features

Our favourite safety feature has to be the in-built mechanism that prevents the bath lift from lowering if it does not have enough charge to return itself back to the top. This is a fantastic feature for those who live alone or who only have part time help, as it prevents them from becoming stuck in the bath.

It also has an emergency stop button located in the hand control and 4 large suction feet that ensure the lift is secured to the bottom of the bath at all times.

There is also an option to purchase 2 additional suction feet for added safety, if desired.

These built-in safety features make the Bellavita bath lift an extremely safe and reliable bath lift to use.


The plastic framework is sturdy, and the scissor mechanism of the base is quite stable. The blue cushion on the seat and backrest is comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time.

The hand control is easy to operate, and, once you are on the seat, going up and down is a breeze. You can also hang the hand control on the hook on the side of the lift when not in use.

The side panels provide a useful surface to hold on to when getting in and out of the seat, and they automatically fold in on themselves as the bath lift lowers you into the bath.

The suction pads are extremely secure, however they also have a quick-release mechanism that allows the bath lift to be removed from the bath very easily. This is great if others in the household want to use the bath but don’t require the bath lift, and makes cleaning the bath and bath lift that much easier.

There is also an optional headrest that can be purchased to increase the support, stability and comfort of the Bellavita bath lift.


One thing that may be an issue is how to get onto the seat. In order to do so, you need to sit at a right angle to the lift, and then swing your legs up and over the bath. This can be a problem for those with very limited mobility or strength, however a swivel seat attachment or a step stool at the side of the bath can be a solution.


The Bellavita Bath Lift is an amazing solution for people who are restricted in their mobility but long to enjoy a worry-free bath. The therapeutic benefits of relaxing in a warm bath go beyond soaking the stresses away.

It provides relief from sore muscles and arthritic joints, improves blood circulation, and enhances the quality of your sleep.

The Bellavita Bath Lift allows anyone to enjoy a safe and secure bathing experience by providing safety, comfort, efficiency, and ease of use.

Bellavita Bath Lift – Conclusion

The Bella Vita Bath Lift is the perfect option if you are looking for a daily living aid that will help you get in and out of the bath easily, is easy to operate, and can be removed and installed with minimal effort.

Not only does it provide all the amazing features mentioned above, but it also comes with an extremely reasonable price tag. 

All things considered, we think the Bellavita bath lift is an incredible investment for those looking to regain their independence and enjoy warm, relaxing baths whenever they want.

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