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What are the best commodes?  These are the best commodes in the UK

No one likes to think that one day they will need to buy a commode, be it for themselves or a family member.  If you do, it can be an awkward and somewhat embarrassing conversation with a shop-worker that you have never met before.  Our list of the best commodes will help you make an informed choice when you decide to buy a commode.  Whether you are looking for a cheap commode or one a little more expensive, we will have one for you.

Our list contains a selection of the most popular and highest rated chairs available.

Kent Stacking Commode
Lightweight Enough to Move Around
Cheap Commode
Large 5 Litre Pan
Padded Seat
Strong Steel Frame
Floral Commode Chair
Very Comfortable Seat
Wipe Clean Fabric
Removable Pan
Looks Like Part of the Home
Attractive Design
Viva Stacking Commode
Padded Seat and Backrest
Removable Seat
Cheap Commode
Stackable for Care Home Use
Very Stable
Mobile Commode
Lockable Brakes
Padded Seat and Armrests
Dropdown Armrests
Removable Pan
16st Weight Limit
Basket Weave Commode
Beautiful Design
Wipe Clean Weave Material
Removable Pan
Fits in to Your Home
Lift Out Pan

5: Kent Stacking Commode

The Kent stacking commode is an excellent budget commode that while not the best looking commode available, it serves it’s purpose well and as well as being suitable in the home, it will work well in a care home environment where it can be stacked.

The padded back and seat of this commode chair add to the comfort of this chair and only the arms are not padded.

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4: Floral Commode Chair

The floral commode chair is an excellent commode and although quite expensive it really is a very good looking chair.  The material wipes down for those little accidents.  The build quality of this chair is exceptional and included on this list for that very reason.  Whilst not being a cheap commode, this chairs’ build quality and the fact that it will fit into any home environment makes this a must include on this list.

The pan is removable and has a handle for easy emptying.

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3: Viva Stacking Commode

Quite like the Kent chair in design and looks, the Viva is an excellent budget commode.  Whilst it is certainly a cheap commode, it’s padded back and removable seat, large pan and incredibly strong frame make the Viva one of the very best commodes available.

The Viva commode has excellent feedback from customers, who comment on its budget price and how lightweight it is.

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2: Mobile Commode

I wanted to include a mobile commode on this list to round it out, so I consider the mobile commode by Elite Care the best one available.

Sometimes the commode will need to be moved around, such as into the bathroom or a different room downstairs.  The mobile commode can be used over a normal sized toilet without the pan in place.  The arms fold down to allow easy transfer to a wheelchair, bed or chair.

The mobile commode has rear locking brakes so it can be parked when it doesn’t need to mobile.

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The Best Commode Available

Below is our choice as the best commode available online today.  Buying a commode can be a awkward thing to do.  The list we have put together here has 5 of the best commodes on the market and means that there will be a suitable commode for everyone.

There are hundred of different products available either online or in-store that will be suitable.  Sometimes this vast choice can be overwhelming, so I have put together a list of the 5 best commodes that include two stacking cheap commodes, two bedroom commodes and a mobile commode.

1: The Basket Weave Commode

The basket weave commode by Performance Health has been around for a long time and with good reason.  Excellent feedback from customers and top class build quality mean that the basket weave commode is an obvious choice as best in class.

The basket weave commode has wipe clean weave material and a wipe clean seat for the best hygiene.

We recommend the basket weave as the best commode that is currently available.

Read our full review of the basket weave commode.

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basket weave commode

I hope you found something of interest in our list of the best commodes.  A item such as this will be the first mobility aid that is purchased by an elderly or disabled person or by family members.

I have tried to include in this list at least one chair from each category of commodes; stacking commodes; mobile commodes and bedroom commodes that will fit in the other decor.  I have also tried to include cheap commodes and ones that are a little more expensive.

If you have every been to a shop to buy a commode you will know just how uncomfortable the conversation can be.  Discussing incontinence can be very awkward and I hope this list has been useful to you.

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