Welcome to our review of the best rise and recline chairs! Below I’m going to go through reviews of the top rise and recline chairs currently available on the market, but first, I want to discuss a bit more about my experience with rise and recline chairs and why I think they’re so fantastic.

Rise and Recline Chairs – Introduction

What is a Rise and Recline Chair?

A rise and recline chair, also known as a riser recliner, is a lounge chair for one person. It allows the user to recline with their feet up, and can also rise to an almost upright position so that the user can easily stand up out of it.

The chair can also be placed in a normal seating position, or anywhere in between reclining and rising if desired.

Riser recliners are mainly used by those who find it challenging to sit or get up from a regular chair. This includes the elderly or those who have lost strength in their legs.

Almost all riser recliner chairs are electronically operated so the user can easily transition from one position to another with the press of a button.

Are Riser Recliner Chairs Worth Investing In?

The short answer to this question is 100% YES, rise and recline chairs are absolutely worth investing in!

As someone who has years of experience in the mobility industry, including 5 years as an aged care support worker before that, I have seen first hand the amazing benefits that a rise and recline chair offer the elderly.

Here are some of the reasons why I recommend investing in a rise and recline chair:

1. They give greater independence to the user and improve quality of life
Something as simple as getting up to make a cup of tea can be difficult for elderly people who struggle to get in and out of normal chairs. This lack of ability and independence can be quite depressing and can take a toll on their mental and physical wellbeing.

A riser recliner gives the user back their independence and lets them lead a normal life, which can greatly boost their overall wellbeing and outlook.

2. They help keep the user mobile
An elderly person who is struggling to get in and out of normal chairs is more likely to sit around and further lose strength in their legs.

Because rise and recline chairs allow the user to get in and out of the chair easily, they are more likely to walk around, do activities, and overall stay active, which helps slows their physical decline overall.

3. They reduce injuries
A lot of injuries occur when elderly people are pulled or lifted out of chairs. The injuries not only happen to the elderly person, but also to the carer who may injure their back or shoulders from repeatedly having to lift the elderly person.

Riser recliner chairs reduce this risk substantially by providing most of the lifting force mechanically, which puts the elderly person and the carer in a much safer position.

Not only this, but an elderly person who is unsteady on their feet is more likely to fall over when trying to stand up from a normal chair.

A rise and recline chair can help them move into a standing position safely and securely, where they can get their balance and then proceed to full standing with little stress or shock to their system.

4. They reduce the need for carers
In addition to reducing the risk of injury for carers, riser recliner chairs may reduce the need for a support worker or carer overall.

If the elderly person can stand up out of a riser recliner chair independently, this could save them thousands of dollars in the long run that would otherwise be spent on a carer helping them in and out of the chair.

Single vs Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chairs

A single motor riser recliner chair, as the name suggests, only has one motor operating all the chair’s movement. 

This means that the backrest, footrest and rising movement all happens with one push of a button.

A dual motor riser recliner, on the other hand, has a separate motor that controls the footrest and backrest. 

This means that the chair can be placed in a wider range of positions, offering the user more options for comfort and adjustability.

In this article I’ve chosen to review dual motor riser recliners only. This is because they are much more common than their single motor counterparts, and I feel that they offer a better experience for the user. 

I hope this has given you a good understanding of the amazing benefits of rise and recline chairs, and why I swear by them for anyone who needs a hand standing up or sitting down!

Let’s now get into the best rise and recline chairs available on the market today.

The Best Rise and Recline Chairs Are:

  1. Fenetic Cullingworth Dual Motor Riser Recliner (My #1 Top Pick!)
  2. More4Homes Cinemo Dual Motor Riser Recliner (Best Riser Recliner with Heat and Massage)
  3. Morris Living “The Darwin” Riser Recliner (Best No-Frills Riser Recliner)
  4. GFA Lincoln Standard Riser Recliner (Great Standard Riser Recliner)
  5. Elite Care Hainworth Riser Recliner (Most Popular)

Let’s now have a look at a comparison table that easily compares these chairs side by side

Riser Recliner Comparison Table

If you’re on mobile, scroll across the table with your finger!

Fenetic Cullingworth Riser Recliner More4Homes Cinemo Riser Recliner Morris Living "The Darwin" Riser Recliner GFA Lincoln Riser Recliner Elite Care Hainworth Riser Recliner
Product Image
Motor Dual Dual Dual Dual Dual
Dimensions (HxWxD in cm) 101x88x90 106x88x96 107x85x89 108x89x95 106x89x93
Upholstery Fabric Leather Fabric Fabric Leather
Massage Option No Yes No No Yes
Max User Weight 158kg 114kg 125kg 125kg 114kg
Product Weight 65kg 62kg 57kg 60kg 44kg
Warranty 5 Years 1 Year 5 Years Undefined Unknown
Rating 5/5 4.8/5 4.8/5 4.6/5 4.2/5
Price $$$$ $$ $$$ $$$ $$$
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I hope this table has given you a quick idea of which rise and recline chair might be the one for you.

However, as you will see below, each chair has it’s own unique blend of functionality, comfort and value. This means that the one you think is best for you might not be the right fit when you dig a bit deeper into it’s specs.

I have intensely studied and tested each of the five chairs reviewed in this article. Below I will give a detailed review of each of these chairs individually, and compare their pros and cons with each other.

I recommend reading through every review before deciding, as I might have some good insights that will help you make your final decision!

Best Riser Recliner Reviews

Fenetic Cullingworth Dual Motor Riser Recliner

fenetic cullingworth riser recliner

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The Fenetic Cullingworth Dual Motor Riser Recliner is quite simply one of the best riser recliner chairs I’ve ever come across.

Unfortunately this is not because it has heat and massage, which it doesn’t.

It’s also not because it’s incredibly affordable, which is isn’t.

Instead, this chair is my favourite simply because it is so unbelievably comfortable.

As one of the very few riser recliner chairs that has proper lumbar support built in, this chair is perfect for people who need extra support for their back.

I also love the motor operated headrest, which gives the user even more options when it comes to spine and neck positioning, which can make a big difference if you suffer from back or neck pain.

This chair also has the highest recommended user weight limit out of the five riser recliners reviewed in this article, which makes it the best option for heavier people.

I think comfort is such a big factor when it comes to riser recliner chairs. If you’re going to be sitting in this chair every day, you want it to be comfortable and gentle on your body.

In the case of the Cullingworth, I think it’s higher price is well worth it for the support, ease and comfort it provides for anyone who sits in it.

More4Homes Cinemo Riser Recliner

more4homes cinemo riser recliner

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This chair is a very close second when it comes to my top Riser Recliner.

While the Fenetic is perfect for those willing to spend a bit more money for a sublimely comfortable chair, the More4Homes Cinemo is for those who want to score a quality chair with lots of functionality for an incredibly low price.

In fact, when I look at everything this chair can do, I personally can’t believe it’s as affordable as it is.

To start off, this chair has heat and massage functionality.

That’s something that not many riser recliners have, and can be a game changer for those suffering from sore muscles or arthritis.

I know from experience that full body massage chairs start at about £2000. Now I’m not saying the Cinemo will give you a full body massage, but even just rollers for your back at a quarter of that cost is not a bad deal.

Let alone the fact that it also has heat, and usual riser recliner functionality as well.

I also absolutely love the cup holders on this chair. Say goodbye to spilt drinks.

The smooth leather upholstery means even if you do manage to spill, it can be easily wiped off without a second thought.

I will say that this chair has a lower max user weight limit, and only a 1 year warranty, but for the price I think it’s an absolute steal, and definitely worth a buy if you’re after heat and massage too!

Morris Living “The Darwin” Riser Recliner

morris living the darwin riser recliner

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I love The Darwin by Morris Living for one reason above all else – it simply does the job.

This is the perfect chair if you’re simply looking for something reliable, affordable and without any frills.

I think this chair is very solidly built and is surprisingly comfortable.

I also really like the printed pattern that it comes with.

But above all else, it’s a crowd pleaser, and a great standard dual motor rise and recline chair.

It’s also thankfully not too expensive, so if you’re on a budget, I highly recommend considering this one.

GFA Lincoln Standard Riser Recliner

gfa lincoln riser recliner

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Similarly to the Darwin above, the Lincoln by GFA is another reliable, affordable, get-the-job-done riser recliner chair.

What stands out the most to me about this chair is not only how comfortable it is, but also how easy it is to assemble.

It usually gets delivered in two parts, and can be assembled and up and running within 20 mins of delivery.

It also rises to an almost standing position which is great if the user has particularly bad mobility.

The only drawback with this chair is that I can’t find any information about it’s warranty anywhere (including GFA’s official website).

This means that I rate The Darwin by Morris Living (reviewed above) just that little bit higher than this chair, because they are very similar in pretty much every way, but at least with the Darwin you know that you are getting 5 year structural warranty with your purchase as well.

Elite Care Hainworth Riser Recliner

elitecare hainworth riser recliner

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As you may have noticed from the comparison table above, the Hainworth has the lowest score of all the riser recliners reviewed in this article.

However, I still wanted to include it in this article, mainly because I think it’s still an excellent quality chair.

The reason why I believe it only scores 4.2/5 is because it’s one of the most popular riser recliner chairs available on the market today, and when you’re selling thousands of products, you’re bound to have one or two customers who aren’t entirely happy – hence the lower score.

However, there has to be a reason why it’s so popular. And I think it’s because, just like the More4Homes Cinemo (above), it has heat and massage functionality at an incredibly affordable price.

It’s not quite as affordable as the More4Homes which is why I still personally rate the More4Homes higher, but it’s still such a good deal, and my job is to show you a range of the best riser recliners so you can choose the right one for you.

Perhaps you like everything about the More4Homes apart from the cup holders? Then I recommend the Hainworth.

Perhaps you like the heat and massage functionality but also want your riser recliner in a cream colour? Then I recommend the Hainworth.

I think the Hainworth appeals to the mass market, and if there’s something not quite right about every other riser recliner I’ve reviewed already, then I’d be willing to bet that the Hainworth is exactly what you’ve been looking for 🙂

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Riser Recliner Chair

Not all riser recliner chairs are created equal. Here are some important points to consider when choosing the right one for you.

  • Single or Dual Motor

As mentioned above, the main difference between single and dual motor riser recliner chairs is the ability to control the footrest and backrest independently of each other.

I usually recommend going for a dual motor over a single motor, because:

  1. They are much more common and easy to purchase
  2. They offer greater support, comfort and adjustability
  3. Cheap dual motor chairs are similar in price to single motor ones, so why pay the same for less functionality.
  • User Weight Limit

I strongly urge everyone to take note of the max user weight limit before purchasing a riser recliner chair.

You may think that a chair should be able to support any weight, and it doesn’t matter if the user is a few kilos over the max user weight. 

However, what you may be forgetting is that this chair is designed not only to be sat on, but also to lift the user up and lower them down.

As an aged care worker, I’ve seen clients in the past go to sit in a raised chair, and accidentally push the chair out from behind them instead of being able to sit down safely in it. 

This most commonly occurs when the user is at the limit of the chair’s max user weight, and so the chair isn’t capable of taking on their weight without potentially slipping.

Please ensure that the max user weight limit of the chair you select can comfortably accommodate the user, otherwise it could become a safety hazard. 

  • Upholstery

Riser recliner chairs typically come in two types of upholstery: fabric or leather

Fabric is more comfortable and absorbent to sit on, however it’s difficult to clean spills or stains out of it.

Leather can be cleaned easily, but might be uncomfortable and sweaty to sit in for prolonged periods of time.

Make sure you consider which fabric is more suited to your needs before making a purchase.

  • Size and Space

Always check the dimensions of the riser recliner and your space at home to ensure there is plenty of room for the chair to fit comfortably.

Ensure you also consider the dimensions of the chair when it’s fully reclined with the foot rest up, as this will require extra room.

Additionally, ensure there is plenty of free space in front of the chair so that the user can move to and from the chair safely.

  • Extras

Riser recliner chairs can come with a wide range of extras including heat, massage, extra cushioning, drink holders and magazine pouches. 

I’ve even seen high-tech chairs with USB charging ports and speakers in the headrest!

These extras typically come with a higher cost, so consider which ones are important to you, and make sure that the chair you select doesn’t have any features that you don’t want to pay for!

  • Warranty

Riser recliner chairs are an investment in your health and comfort, and as such should last the distance. 

However, not all riser recliner chairs come with the same warranty.

Make sure you’re aware of the warranty terms and conditions for the chair that you select before making a purchase, to ensure there are no nasty shocks should something go awry.

  • Price

It’s no secret that riser recliners can be expensive. The cheapest on the market start at a few hundred pounds, and can go all the way up to a few thousand.

However, I highly encourage you to look at riser recliners not as an expense, but as an investment.

You don’t want to cheap out and get one that will stop working after a year or so, or that is uncomfortable to sit on.

With riser recliners, it’s best to invest a bit more money and get a riser recliner that is reliable, comfortable, and has all the features you require.

Best Riser Recliner Chairs: Conclusion

I hope this article has been useful and informative, and has ultimately helped you choose the right riser recliner chair for you or your loved one!

I love riser recliner chairs and review them extensively, so if you still haven’t found the right one for you, please check out my product page where you’ll find lots more reviews of every kind of riser recliner chair out there!