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On this page we have compiled a list of the best value electric recliner chairs. With the aim of helping you find the best rise and recline chairs at the best price possible.  If you are looking to buy a recliner chair in the UK, we hope you’ll find a recliner chair here that will be suitable.

There are recliner chairs for the elderly with single motors, dual motors, massage.  You will also see chairs with button back, T-back and waterfall back.  That is even before you begin to look at the range of fabrics, comfort and user weight limits.

Recliner Comparison

Dual Motor
No Massage
Value for Money
Dual Motor
Great Reviews
Great Price
Single Motor
4 Fabric Choices
Budget Price
Glowing Customer Feedback
Dual Motor
Massage & Heat
Great Value for Money
The Oldbury
Single Motor
Beautiful Fabric
Great Customer Feedback
Unbeatable Price

Below we take a more in-depth look at the above recliner chairs to find out which is the best.  We have tested all of these chairs and took into account value for money, comfort, customer reviews and reliability.  We hope you will find a suitable rise and recline chair in our list of the 5 best rise and recline chairs.

I have tried to include a reclining armchair on this list that will suit everyone, the elderly, disabled, large person and petite person.  If you have ever visited a mobility shop on the high street, one thing will stand out, the price. You could expect to pay upwards of £1,500 for a rise and recline chair with the list of functions that you will find on this page.

I recommend checking out our sister site, recliner shop for more rise and recline chairs.

best rise and recline chairs

5: The Axbridge

The Axbridge dual motor recliner chair by Fenetic Wellbeing is an excellent recliner which is available exclusively on Amazon and on the Fenetic Wellbeing website.  Being a dual motor chair, the Axbridge allows for the footrest and backrest to operated independently for maximum user comfort.

We found this to be a reliable recliner chair which is easy to operate thanks to it’s simple to operate 4 button handset.  Sometimes with dual motor chairs, the handset can be overly-complicated, but this is not the case.

If you are looking to buy a recliner chair online in the UK, this is great value for money electric recliner chair we rate it very highly.

Currently priced at £499.99

4: The Montreal

The Montreal is a dual motor recliner chair which can be truly considered one of the best recliner chairs on the market.  It has positive reviews from customers who have commented on the reliability and comfort of the recliner.  This comfort comes from the excellent build quality of the backrest and seat.

Available in four beautiful colours, the Montreal is a superb chair that when reclining goes to almost a horizontal position and a vertical position when standing to allow easy transfer from and to the chair.

This a real leather recliner chair with faux leather side panels.

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Currently priced at £589.99

3: Georgia Single Motor Recliner

The Georgia is an excellent budget rise and recline chair.  Despite it’s low price it offers great comfort and has gathered plenty of positive reviews from happy customers.

With it’s simple design and comfort, the Georgia single motor recliner chair will appeal to people with a more modest budget.  We can fully recommend the Georgia as a very good, entry level recliner chair.

If you are looking to buy an cheap recliner chair that has a range of features at a great price, this might be the chair for you.

The Georgia budget rise and recline chair has a simple, easy to use design including the easy to operate two button handset. With it’s beautiful fabric design and high levels of comfort, the Georgia is a cheap recliner chair that ticks all the boxes.

Read our full review of the Georgia single motor recliner chair.

Currently priced at £349.99

2: The Hainworth

It was a close call.  I was really close to calling the Hainworth number 1.  When you think about what you need in a chair, I think of 3 things; comfort, function and price.  The Hainworth ticks all three boxes.  With dual motor function, massage and heat included, plus the chair is made of leather, it was difficult to come up with a better chair than this.

If I was sat on your side of the screen, looking to buy a recliner chair I wouldn’t look past the Hainworth.

When I thought about putting together a page about riser recliner chair reviews, I already knew that the Hainworth would be on the list.

The Hainworth recliner chair with massage is the number one selling chair on Shop Disability for good reason.  It has excellent feedback from customers who love the heat and massage function as well as it’s high levels of comfort and reliability.

While you may be paying a little more for this chair, you are paying for a quality and reliable chair that will give you years of dedicated service.

The massage and heat features are what makes this lift chair stand out.

Read our full review of the Hainworth recliner chair with massage.

Currently priced at £549.99

The Best Rise and Recline Chair Available

Below is our choice as number one in our list of the best rise and recline available on the market today.  When considering this choice, we took into account the reliability of the chair, design, functionality and customer feedback.  We tested all of the lift chairs in this list and recommend all of them as a great purchase.

If you are thinking of buying a lift chair for yourself or an elderly relative, we recommend reading our buying guide.

1: The Oldbury

The Oldbury is like a hidden gem.  It is not available in most mobility outlets and can be found more or less exclusively on Amazon.  A friend recently purchased this chair for a parent and have since commented that it has made such a difference that they would have gladly paid double what was paid.  The Oldbury is especially good for elderly people or those with memory problems or issues such as arthritis, thanks to it’s easy to operate remote control.

The attractive fabric adds to quality of this chair.  It has a silent lift and recline motor that has proven to be very reliable and is also capable of lifting up to 23st.  The word budget sometimes bring negative feeling in terms of quality, that is not the case here, this is quality at a budget price.

We fully recommend the Oldbury as the best riser recliner chair and best in class.  The Oldbury is a highly recommended mobility aid.

Read our full review of the Oldbury riser recliner chair.

Currently priced at £449.99

More Information on the Best Recliner Chairs

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I hope that you found a rise and recline chair in this list of the best value left chairs that is suitable for you.  I use the word value and not cheap because there is a big difference, cheap just means it has a low price regardless of quality. Value means that you are getting a quality product for a good price.

I have tried to include at least one electric recliner chair that will be suitable for everyone but it is not always possible.  If you have not found anything suitable please see the riser recliner category.

We are always updating this page so if we have any more rise and recline chair reviews to share with you, they will be added here.

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In this list we have included products from Electric Mobility, Pride and Elite Care.