Best Self Propelled Wheelchairs in the UK

A self propelled wheelchair allows the user, as well as a friend or family member to push the wheelchair.  I have put together a list of the five best self propel wheelchairs on the market today.

When searching online for a new self propel wheelchair, you will need to consider if it is necessary for the user to be able to push themselves.  There is also the decision if the extra weight of the larger rear wheels will be an issue if you need to transport the chair or store it.

Self Propelled Wheelchairs At A Glance

Silver Sport
Attractive Design
Padded Armrests
Removable Footrests
Nylon Upholstery
Handy Carry Pocket
The Swift
Lightweight Frame
Compact Design
Folding Back
Quick Release Wheels
Padded Upholstery
Budget SP Wheelchair
Bargain Price
Large Sport Wheels
Great Build Quality
Padded Armrests
Swing-away Footrests
Excel Explorer
Strong Lightweight Frame
All Terrain Wheelchair
Quick Release Wheels
Attendant Brakes
Easy Folding
The Whirl
Padded Upholstery
Narrow Frame
Removable Arms
Folds Easily

5: Silver Sport Wheelchair

The Silver Sport self propelled wheelchair by Drive Medical is a superb wheelchair.  It features heavily padded upholstery for additional comfort. The seat also has a back pocket for storage of small items.

One of the best selling wheelchairs on Amazon, the Silver Sport wheelchair has over 300 positive reviews which praise its bargain price, excellent build quality and comfort.

The adjustable footrests are a great feature of this chair making it suitable for a wide range of people especially for people who are a little taller.  Tall people reading this will know how difficult it can be to find a good wheelchair.

The swingaway footrests are adjustable for maximum user comfort.

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silver sport self propelled wheelchair

4: The Swift

The Swift features an unbelievably lightweight frame which means it is easy to transport and fold away.  The quick release rear wheels also mean that if you are transporting the chair it will be easier to lift.

This wheelchair has fixed armrests for added stability.  It does however, have quick release adjustable footrests.

The solid tyres mean that the wheelchair is virtually maintenance free and unlike other solid tyre chairs we tried it doesn’t make for an uncomfortable ride.

This chair has been on the market for a long time, which should indicate it’s quality.  This is further backed up by hundreds of satisfied customers who have purchased this excellent wheelchair.

With its compact design, the Swift is suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

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the swift self propelled wheelchair

3: Budget Self Propelled Wheelchair

I don’t normally include any product solely on price, however I had to make an exception.  The budget self propel wheelchair has enough good feedback from buyers for me to confidently include it in this list.

Although this is a cheap self propelled wheelchair, the build quality is excellent and is very robust.

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budget self propelled wheelchair

2: Excel Explorer

The Excel Explorer is a real game changer.  Until now, all terrain wheelchairs have commanded a premium price, in the thousands.  The Explorer comes at an affordable price but doesn’t hold back on features.

At the time of writing available in 2 seat sizes, the Explorer all terrain wheelchair has excellent feedback from customers.  Comments include praise for the design and build quality and the genius way this self propelled wheelchair folds so easily.

During our tests, the chair proved to extremely maneuverable.  Supplied with quick release footrests and armrests, this wheelchair would be a great purchase for anyone who enjoys and active lifestyle.

The Excel Explorer all terrain wheelchair really does look the part and feel the part.

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excel explorer wheelchair

The Best Self Propelled Wheelchair Available

Below in our opinion is the best Self Propelled Wheelchair available online.  We took into account not just price but user feedback, comfort and other factors such as the robust qualities of the chair.

1: The Whirl Self Propelled Wheelchair

The Whirl is a fantastic wheelchair and is a clear choice as best in class.  This in our opinion the best self propelled wheelchair on the market today.

Features include a calf support, incredibly lightweight frame that is very robust, puncture proof tyres and a long list of positive reviews from buyers.

The quick release wheels mean that the Whirl wheelchair can be easily transported or stored.  The footrests and arms can also be removed as well as the back folding down.  The narrow frame of the Whirl mean that it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

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the whirl best self propelled wheelchair
best self propelled wheelchairs

Self Propelled Wheelchair Conclusion

I hope you found something of interest in our list of the best self propelled wheelchairs.  It is important to note that price is a minor detail in our search for high quality items.  We place more importance on comfort, build quality and customer feedback.

In this list I have tried to include at least one wheelchair that will be suitable for everyone.

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