Welcome to my review of the top 5 best shower seats available on the market today!

We will get into the features, pros and cons of each seat a bit further down the article.

But first, I want to discuss the benefits of having a shower seat, and why they can make such a big difference in an elderly person’s life.

What Is A Shower Seat?

A shower seat, also known as a shower chair, shower stool or shower bench, is a small seat designed to be used in the shower.

They can come in a range of materials including metal, plastic and wood.

These seats can range from a simple stool shape, right up to a proper chair with back and arm rests. 

Some are also foldable, or can even be bolted to your shower wall.

Who Should Use A Shower Seat?

Anyone who has trouble standing for a long time, has limited mobility, or who is prone to slipping in the bathroom, should seriously consider using a shower seat.

Benefits Of Using A Shower Seat

A shower seat may seem like a simple device, but it can make a world of difference to a person’s independence. 

Here are the ways a shower seat can benefit the user:

  • Better Personal Hygiene

Someone who is unsteady on their feet may rush through their shower, or not have the strength or mobility to be able to wash their entire body thoroughly.

A shower seat removes this issue by enabling the user to sit safely in the shower, allowing them to take their time while washing.

It may also be easier for some users to reach their legs, feet or back from a seated position, enabling them to wash those parts of their body more thoroughly than if they were standing.

Maintaining good personal hygiene through regular, proper showers is so important because it not only helps prevent skin diseases, sores and infections, but it also promotes good mental health. 

Everyone knows how good it feels to be clean and fresh again after a shower, and a shower seat helps those with limited mobility achieve that feeling as well!

  • Improved Safety

During my years as an aged care worker I helped hundreds of clients in the shower, and the biggest fear that they had by far was accidentally slipping and falling.

Sadly, I noticed that most of my clients who lived alone would rarely shower when no one else was around because of this fear. This sometimes meant that they went days without showering, which is uncomfortable to say the least.

While a shower stool unfortunately can’t assist with getting in and out of the shower (grab rails would be beneficial for that!), it can absolutely improve safety while in the shower and dramatically reduce the risk of falling. 

This can help put an elderly person’s mind at ease and encourage them to shower often, which in turn helps them maintain good personal hygiene.

It also means that friends and family have one less thing to worry about because they know their loved one is safe whenever they’re in the shower.

  • More Independence

Being able to shower whenever you want is an extremely important element of a person’s independence. 

Investing in a shower seat and allowing yourself (or a loved one!) to maintain this independence can have a huge impact on the person’s overall wellbeing.

It can also help you save money by reducing the need to hire external help (such as an aged care worker) to come over and assist when it’s shower time. 

As you’ll see below, some shower seats can seem expensive, but when you compare that cost to the regular fee of an aged care worker, they all of a sudden seem like a very wise investment indeed!

Furthermore, they can also take the pressure off friends and family who may otherwise need to be over regularly to assist with showering.

Should I Choose A Stool, Chair or a Wall Mounted Seat?

Choosing between a stool, chair or wall mounted seat for your shower will ultimately depend on the type of shower you have, how big it is, and what functionality you need from your seat. 

Here are the pros and cons that I’ve found between the different types of seats to help you make your decision:

Shower Stool

A shower stool may come with three or four legs, and has no backrest or arm rests.


  • More likely to fit in small showers or showers over a bathtub

  • Allows the user to move around the shower more easily because they don’t take up as much space

  • Are lightweight and easy to move into or out of the shower area

  • Easy to store when not in use

  • Generally cheap and affordable


  • No backrest or support for the user

  • Can become uncomfortable if the user is sitting for a while

  • The user needs to have decent mobility to sit down and get up from a stool, as there are no arm rests to hold on to

Shower Chair

A shower chair generally has four legs and a back rest, and may have arm rests as well.


  • Backrest and arm rests provide more support for the user

  • Sturdy and extremely unlikely to tip over

  • Comfortable to sit on for prolonged periods of time


  • Can be a bit cumbersome or heavy to move around

  • Can be difficult to store when not in use

  • May not comfortably fit in a small shower or bath shower

Wall Mounted Shower Seat

This shower seat is adhered to the wall of your shower and is usually foldable. It may or may not have legs to steady it when in use.


  • No chance of tipping over as it’s bolted to the wall

  • No need to move the chair in or out if someone else wants to use the shower – simply fold up against the wall and the shower area is clear

  • Compact and great for small showers


  • Minimal support for the user

  • User needs to be strong enough to fold it up and down

  • Needs to be installed properly

  • Generally can’t be used in a shower that’s over a bathtub

  • Generally requires power tools to be removed, and the wall will need to be patched afterwards

Now that you know how beneficial a shower seat can be, let’s dive into the best ones available on the market at the moment!

The Best Shower Seats Are:

Even though each of these shower seats are one of the top 5 best on the market, they each have unique features that makes them suitable for different people, with different needs.

I’ll now go through a direct comparison of the most common specs, and then some detailed reviews where I’ll share my personal opinion about each seat!

Best Shower Seats Comparison Table

Here’s a quick comparison table of the top 5 shower seats so you can easily compare them side by side.

If you’re on mobile, scroll across the table with your finger!

AquaTeak Shower Bench Medline Shower Chair Days Shower Stool Better Living Swivel Stool Weytoll Folding Shower Seat
Product Image
Dimensions (L x W x H) 46 x 31 x 46 cm 41 x 34 x 53 cm ‎38 x 27 x 58 cm ‎39 x 39 x 46 cm ‎40 x 32 x 42 cm
Style Stool / Bench Chair Stool Stool Wall Mounted / Foldable
Material Teak Wood Aluminium + Plastic Aluminium + Plastic Aluminium + Plastic Aluminium + Plastic
Item Weight 8.62 kg 3.23 kg 2.8 kg 1.9 kg 2.6 kg
Max User Weight 113 kg 158 kg 160 kg 137 kg 200 kg
Height Adjustable? No Yes Yes No No
Price $$$ $$ $ $ $
Best Buy View Best Price View Best Price View Best Price View Best Price View Best Price

Top 5 Shower Seats Reviewed

Ok, now let’s get into the good stuff! Here are my detailed thoughts and opinions of the top 5 best shower seats available today.

AquaTeak Original Asia Shower Bench

original asia wooden shower seat

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Even though it’s heavier and more expensive than most shower seats on the market, I simply couldn’t resist including the AquaTeak Original Asia Shower Bench in this article.

I mean, look at it! It’s a work of art. 

For those concerned about mould issues with a wooden shower seat, teak is a highly mould and moisture resistant wood, so you should have minimal issues there. 

It’s also surprisingly sturdy, and comes with a 5 year warranty.

I will say that, in conjunction with being the heaviest shower seat reviewed in this article, it’s also got the lowest max user weight of 113 kg, so this shower seat isn’t for heavier users. 

I also don’t recommend it if you have limited strength and will be moving your seat out of the shower after every use, as it is quite heavy at almost 9kg. 

However, if you don’t need too much support and are happy to spend a bit more money to get a shower seat that actually suits your bathroom, the AquaTeak Original Asia is definitely the seat I would recommend.

Medline Shower Chair

medline shower chair

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The Medline shower chair is the perfect option for those who need as much support as they can get in the shower.

With a full backrest and arm rests, this chair ensures that the user is secure when sitting on it, and can shower themselves properly without risk of falling off the chair.

In addition, the arm rests provide extra stability to hold on to when sitting down and getting up from the chair.

I also like that this chair is height adjustable, and has a relatively high max user weight.

This shower chair is a tad more expensive than most other shower chairs/stools on the market, however for someone with limited mobility who needs the extra support, I think it’s 100% worth the investment to ensure the user is safe and secure.

Days Shower Stool

days shower stool

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The Days shower stool, in my opinion, is the perfect combination of a no frills shower stool that still offers good support at an affordable price.

Whilst it doesn’t have a backrest, the simple arm rests on this stool offer extra support and security while sitting down or during transfers. 

It’s also completely collapsible and super lightweight, making it the perfect option for those who need to store their shower seat away when not in use. 

I also love how sturdy it feels. You can easily move around and not feel like you’re about to fall off the seat. 

With everything considered, I think this shower stool is an absolute steal at it’s price. I highly recommend it as a simple, “get the job done” option for those who need moderate support in the shower.

Better Living Swivel Shower Seat 

better living swivel shower seat

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I truly adore this little shower seat from Better Living. 

This is in part because of how small and light it is.

But also because of the swivel functionality of the seat. 

If you’re someone who needs to reach to different parts of your shower for different products, then this swivel seat is probably a great option because it removes the need to stand up and readjust every time you need to reach somewhere behind you.

I’d also recommend this seat if you’re looking for a super small, lightweight option that can easily fit in a small shower area, and can be stowed away easily after use. 

The drawback with this seat is that, whilst sturdy, is not appropriate (in my opinion) for someone who has severely restricted mobility or who needs assistance with transferring to and from the chair.

This stool is much better suited to someone who perhaps can’t stand for too long in the shower, needs to sit down to reach certain parts of their body, or who otherwise just needs a little extra support while in the shower. 

If this is you (or your loved one), then the Better Living Shower Seat is the option I would recommend!

Weytoll Folding Shower Seat

Weytoll folding shower seat

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There are a lot of things I like about folding shower seats, and I think the Weytoll model is the best of the bunch.

Firstly, it has the highest max user weight limit of all the shower seats reviewed in this article, so if the user of the shower seat is on the heavier side, I highly recommend considering this one.

I also love how easy it is to stow away. Simply lift the seat up and it folds flat onto the wall. 

This makes it perfect for those who share the shower space but don’t have the strength to constantly move their shower seat in and out of the shower, or the storage space for their seat when it’s not in use.

While this model doesn’t come with arm rests, I still think it’s a particularly sturdy and stable option. The fact that the chair is literally bolted to the wall means it’s not going to slip and slide during showering or transfers.

However, that does bring me to the down side of these kinds of shower seats. 

They need to be mounted on the wall, which means you may need to hire someone to help you do this if you don’t have the capacity to do so yourself. 

They are also not suitable for renters, or anyone who is likely to move out of their home in the near future, as the shower wall will need to be patched up once the chair is uninstalled. 

I think these kinds of shower seats are wonderful for the right type of person. 

If you’re ok with a permanent seat installed in your shower, and you want the convenience of a foldable chair with a high weight limit, then I highly recommend the Weytoll Folding Shower Seat. 

What To Look For When Choosing A Shower Seat

Stool, chair, or wall mounted?

As mentioned above, there are pros and cons for each different type of shower seat. Make sure you choose the one that will best suit your shower area and your mobility needs.


Shower seats generally come in plastic, metal or wood. 

Plastic and metal are the two most common types of shower seats as they’re lightweight and easier to clean.

They also tend to be less prone to mould, and more affordable than their wooden counterparts.

However, a wooden shower seat is much more aesthetically pleasing, and might suit your bathroom better.

I personally believe that all three materials are strong, durable and perfect for the job.

The right one for you will depend on the features that are most important to you.


Always measure your shower area and ensure your shower seat will comfortably fit before purchasing.

Also take into consideration how much extra room the user will need to shower themselves. A shower seat that just fits in the shower is not much use if there’s no room for the user as well!

If you have a shower over a bath, ensure that the seat’s legs can comfortably fit within the flat bottom area of the bath.

User Weight Limit

It’s important to observe the max user weight limit of the seat you purchase and ensure that the user is well within this limit. 

This is particularly important because of how slippery showers can be. A slight compromise in the max user weight can cause the seat to tip over or slip out from under the user. 


It’s important to be able to adjust the height of the seat so that the user can sit safely on it. 

You could also consider arm rest or backrest adjustability if this is something that you think you’ll require as well.

Safety features

Non-slip padding on the base of the seat is paramount to the safety of the user. Ensure that any chair you purchase has this. 

Keep an eye out for any other safety features on the seat you’re considering, particularly if the user has specific mobility requirements. 

Comfort Features

Some shower seats come with padding on the seat, backrest or arm rests, which can make using them much more comfortable.


If you think you’ll be removing the seat from the shower between uses, you might want to consider a shower stool or a foldable seat for easier storage. 

Best Shower Seats – Conclusion

Who knew that there was so much to consider when choosing the best shower seat for you or a loved one!

I hope that my article has helped you pinpoint the features of a shower seat that are most important to you, and helped you choose the right shower seat that will help the user feel confident and independent once more.

If you enjoyed this article, please check out my other article specifically about wooden shower seats as well!