would you buy a car onlinePlease let me be clear on one thing before I start this blog; online retailers most definitely have a place in the mobility industry.  They are very convenient when you need an item and are looking for a great price.  However, the fact that these companies sell mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs online scares me, a lot.

A reputable dealer will perform an assessment on the customer to find their requirements or special needs, this cannot be done online.

I always think back to the last time I bought a car.  Sure, I did plenty of research online, checked out reviews, looked up the miles per gallon I could expect and even made an appointment online to go and look at the car.  This car was just a shade over £1,000, most mobility scooters nowadays go for more than that.  To think that I would have paid online for the car there and then and had it delivered to my house without viewing it or testing it is unthinkable.

The temptation to save a few pounds by buying one of these machines online must be great, however I would ask that you consider the following when doing so:

  • Are you able to build the scooter up when it arrives (it will arrive disassembled in a box).
  • What happens if it goes faulty, will you have to ship it back to the online retailer?
  • Have you consulted with an expert to ensure you are getting a scooter that is suitable?

If you are going to buy a scooter online, please at least visit a store first to view the equipment.

You will notice I don’t link to online sales of mobility scooters here, I don’t like the idea so I don’t support it.