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Our Review

The car handybar handle is an excellent product, quite genius in fact.  It combines a handle that is inserted in the latch of the door with a seatbelt cutter and it can be used to break glass in case of emergencies.  It has a soft, non-slip grip and is a universal fit to all vehicles.

I actually purchased two of these, one for my father and one for my mother both of whom have medical conditions that affect them getting in and out of the car.  This makes life so much easier and they have both commented on the quality and ease of use of the car handybar handle.

I have seen quite a few cheap copies of the original car handybar handle, but as in most cases the original is the best.   There are plenty of cheaper alternatives on Amazon, but the one listed on this page is the original, and the best.

Over the past few years I have seen people with many different mobility problems purchase this device.  Parkinsons, arthritis, hip problems, restricted movement and a range of other disabilities.

Overall, I recommend this product highly.  The cost was a small price to pay to know that my parents were safe when getting out of the car.


  • Can also be used to break windows and cut seatbelts in emergency

  • Value for money

  • Fit is universal


  • None