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Our Review

Made from silicon and steel, this is a very high quality car steering wheel knob.  Ideal for those with limited hand mobility to help them drive more comfortably.   You will notice when you receive this item, the items are in Chinese.  If you are struggling to fit the knob, it maybe worthwhile asking a friend or professional to fit it for you.  Don’t be put off by this, we found it easy to fit and once it is on it is very secure.  We were able to fit securely in place using a screwdriver.

Depending on your preference, you can either place the knob on the outside of the steering wheel or the inside.  If you are placing the knob on the outer side of the wheel, be aware of any obstructions that may interfere with the smooth operation of the knob.  We have found that placing the knob on the inside of the wheel makes the turning circle smaller and more efficient for the user.

Admittedly this is not the cheapest car steering wheel knob you will find, but that is not the point of this site.  I have found this to be the best in terms of quality and the amount of time it will last.  The only thing I have noticed that some people will find off-putting is that the red logo will fade over time.  This is not a major issue but some people are into looks.

These devices make turning vehicles much easier for people who have a disability in their hands and people with poor dexterity.

It has a luxurious feel in the palm of the hand, unlike cheaper models.

Overall, we would recommend this product.  It will be worth the extra couple of pounds spent for the higher quality and comfort.


  • Great build quality

  • Comfortable on the hand

  • Easy fitting

  • Good value for money


  • Chinese instruction manual

  • Graphic on knob may fade over time