Chicago Riser Recliner Armchair

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The Chicago riser recliner armchair is a single motor recliner by Restwell, a trusted name in the manufacture of these mobility aids.   The lifting and reclining action allows the user to both sit and stand with little effort, taking stress of the joints and muscles.  Riser recline chairs are ideal for people who suffer with arthritis, MS, circulation problems, mobility issues or general old age.

We found the motor action to be incredibly smooth and quiet compared to other low cost chairs.  The upholsory of the chair is very attractive and would not look out of place in any living room.

This recliner armchair is operated by a simple to use two button remote which can be hooked on to the side of the chair so the remote is never out of reach.  In case of a power cut, the Chicago riser recliner chair has a battery backup so you won’t be stuck up in the air or laid out flat.

This chair also contains a sensor that will prevent anything (or anyone) being trapped underneath when it lowers from a standing position.  The Chicago has a user weight limit of 23st (150kg).

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  • High level of comfort

  • Powerful and quiet motor

  • Attractive fabric

  • Storage pocket

  • Easy to use remote


  • No choice of backrests

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