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I have seen quite a few of these devices over the years that make claims of having health benefits.  The circulation booster backs up these claims with clinical testing.  Tests have shown that these devices reduce swelling and improve circulation with just 20 minutes daily use.

The circulation booster uses electrical muscle stimulation to improve circulation for those who have reduced circulation due to lack of exercise in their life or simply old age.  It has also shown to be useful for people with restless legs.

Anyone who has ever used one of the old tens machines will know the uncomfortable feeling that those pads can cause, this was different.  There was much less pain and it actually felt like it was doing something.  My legs always feel “fresher” and more relaxed after each use.

I can’t really comment on if the device will reduce swelling as I am not affected by this, however customers who have purchased this have commented that it does work.

It is not recommended to use the circulation booster if you have a pacemaker, artificial heart valve or other implant or in the early stages of pregnancy.  As a rule, I would always recommend asking a Doctor before using equipment such as this if you are unsure.

This is an extraordinary product.  I have seen the results with my own eyes or I wouldn’t believe it.  I have seen people with swollen ankles to the point of being purple, come back and see me and their ankles have returned to normal within a couple of weeks.

The price may be a little high for some people but if you can afford it, it’s well worth the investment.


  • Actually seems to work

  • Attractive design

  • Excellent reliability


  • Could be a little on the pricey side for some people