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Our Review

The Drive Medical LAWC012A 20inch Wheelchair is a unique looking chair.  That isn’t a bad thing by the way, the actual wheelchair is fantastic.  It has a two tone grey fabric design which actually looks pretty nice.  Let’s call it a cow design?

Made for the larger user, this wheelchair has a lightweight aluminium frame (11.6kg) and easy release, swing-away footrests.  The footrests are also height adjustable so it will be suitable for both small and tall people.

I was able to fold the wheelchair easily by simply pulling the seat up in the middle.  The back handlebars also fold in half to make storage easier.

There is pocket on the rear side of the backrest which you may not be able to see on the image.  This pocket is ideal for storing paperwork and keys etc.

On the handlebars, it has cable brakes which are lockable which I recommend are engaged when sitting in the chair or standing up.  The brakes can either be locked using the attendant controls or by the user directly on the wheels.

The Drive Medical LAWC012A 20inch Wheelchair has solid rear wheels that are 12″, these wheels do not release.  With a weight limit of 20st (125kg) the chair is very sturdy for such a lightweight wheelchair.  The LAWC012A is suitable for taller people up to 6ft 4″ thanks to its adjustable leg rests.

Overall I found this to be an excellent wheelchair with a big upside.  It is also a very good price considering the specifications.


  • Modern, attractive design

  • Lightweight

  • Locking brakes

  • Good for taller people

  • Adjustable footrests


  • No lap belt as standard

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