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The foam bed wedge will allow the user to sit comfortably in bed while reading or watching TV.  It can be used under the mattress on a single bed so the mattress can function as an adjustable bed without the high cost or used under pillows.  The foam bed wedge can also be used at the bottom of the bed to support legs and feet.

This product has been designed with advice from Doctors and other healthcare professionals, many people have reported that the wedge helps people with acid reflux.  The cushion has a removal cover which means it is easy to keep clean.

The foam is firm enough to give support, but not too firm, especially when you add some pillows.  Ideally, this would be used underneath the mattress, but that is not always possible.  For example on a double bed, it will tilt the other side of the bed unevenly and won’t be too comfortable for your partner and they may end up on the floor!

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  • Attractive blue colour

  • Comfortable

  • Can be used on top of or under mattress


  • Some users report the wedge is a little too firm