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Our Review

The Gemino rollator (4 wheel walker) is a genius idea.  It is unbelievably lightweight at just 7.1kg which means the user, carer or family member will have no issues in transporting the walker in a car.

The only negative I could give you about this walker is the price.  Yes, it is a little more expensive than most rollators, but you are paying for build quality and unique features such as the built in reflectors which make it visible in the dark at every angle.  It has a removable bag which can be used as a normal shopping bag and even has side pockets.  The locking brakes feel like really great quality and unlike cheaper models, they don’t feel like they could break at any moment.

The handles are height adjustable and it has a large weight capacity of 23.6st which means it should be suitable for a wide range of people.

If the user needs to stop and take a break while walking, the Gemino has locking brakes on the handlebars.


  • Large 8″ wheels

  • Modern, good looking design

  • Lightweight

  • Large shopping bag


  • Price – A little more expensive than similar models