height adjustable lightweight shower stool

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The height adjustable lightweight shower stool by Performance Health is a high quality mobility aid which is available at a bargain price.

For the elderly or disabled, personal hygiene is just as important as it is to anyone else.  The adjustable lightweight shower stool will allow the user to shower safely and more comfortably.  At just 2.3kg, it should be transportable by anyone.

  • Seat width 370 mm (14½ inch).
  • Seat depth 270 mm (10½ inch).
  • Seat height 460 to 585 mm (18 to 23 inches).
  • Width between arms 500 mm (19¾ inch).
  • External width 550 mm (21¾ inch).
  • External depth 375 mm (14¾ inch).
  • Weight 2.8 kg.

As the height can be adjustable, it means the stool will be suitable for people of all heights.  The seat is also removable which allows for easy, much more sanitary cleaning.

Users can sit and stand more easily from the stool thanks to its nicely positioned handles.  The rubber ferrules on the legs mean that the grip on the bottom of the bathtub or shower stool is increased which is useful for a product such as this.

Overall this is a great product for the money.  Something like this does not need to be over-complicated.


  • Very lightweight

  • Removable seat for easy cleaning

  • Adjustable in height

  • Bargain price


  • May not be suitable for much larger people