In this article I look at some of the better gifts for disabled people and the elderly. It is the age old question; what on earth do I buy for my elderly parents or relative. It can be an incredibly difficult task buying Christmas presents for the elderly or disabled, this is especially true if you are buying some sort of mobility aid. The last thing you want to do is buy something that will cause offense. Imagine getting a box of incontinence pads for your birthday or as a Christmas present.

The truth is however that there a number of mobility aids that make great presents. I’ve been in contact with each of these products in my job so I know they are good quality and will be appreciated by your elderly or disabled friend or relative.

What is the ideal Christmas present for the elderly or disabled?

5: Christmas Food Hamper

I would absolutely love you if got me this for Christmas.  What an excellent idea and a really good buy.  This is a collection of foods including cakes, sweets and drinks including tea.  The hamper would be suitable for either a birthday present or as a Christmas present.

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4: Christmas Card Mail Catcher

Imagine Grandma’s fury and disappointment as her Yorkshire terrier tears apart the Christmas card you lovingly wrote on and posted to her.  Fear no more, the mail catcher will stop the little pooch in his tracks.

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3: Christmas Puzzle Collection

Everyone loves doing jigsaw puzzles don’t they.  Hours of fun for the whole family, these puzzles will make a great gift for Christmas.

This box contains 4 x 500 puzzles to keep your relatives busy for hours.

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2: Indiana Riser Recliner Chair

The Indiana riser recliner chair is a single motor chair that makes the perfect gift for an elderly or disabled person.

Available in a range of colours, the Indiana is an extremly comfortable chair.

Read our full review of the Indiana riser recliner chair.

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1: Himalayan Salt Lamp

You may well be surprised by this choice.  Give me a moment to explain.  Himalyan salt lamps are an attractive addition to any home, added to the that the health benefits they can bring make them the perfect gift for anyone.  I recently treat myself to one of these after reading some reviews online.  I have found that my mood has increased in general and my anxiety has lowered.

These salt lamps are also claimed to improve breathing in people with asthma and purifies air in the room.  The model I have featured also features touch control.

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I hope you have found this information useful.  Older people and people with disabilities can be difficult to buy Christmas presents for, but it is do-able.