indiana riser recliner chair

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The Indiana riser recline chair by Drive Medical is a single motor chair.  This means that the footrest and backrest work together so when the footrest elevates, the backrest goes back.  The chair is operated with a basic and easy to use 2 button remote control.  Available in a beautiful range of colours, the chair should look at home in any living room.  The soft feel chenille fabric adds to the comfort and beauty of this chair.  The material is hard-wearing so it should stand up to years of use.

We found the internal motor to be very quiet and smooth as it lifts and reclines.  The seat itself is ergonomically contoured for added user comfort.  This chair includes a sensor which prevents items (or pets!) being trapped underneath when is lowering from a raised position.

At the side of the chair is a handy pocket to store the remote or instruction manuals for the chair.

The chair supports a maximum user weight of 23st, which goes someway to demonstrate the excellent build quality of this chair.  The chair has a seat width of 20″ and the seat is 19″ from the ground.   The height of the chair is 42″ and the width is 32″ and the depth is 37″.

The Indiana riser recliner chair is supplied with a 2 year warranty for your peace of mind.

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  • Excellent price

  • High level of comfort

  • 23st max user weight limit

  • 2 year warranty



  • Single motor only

  • Limited colour choice

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