Welcome to our article about the best inflatable bath lifts. Before we get into the pros and cons of our top 2 models, we will first discuss the benefits of using a bath lift at home.

Inflatable Bath Lifts – Introduction

Inflatable bath seats are devices that can be attached to the base of a bathtub with the sole purpose of allowing any individual to be lowered and lifted in and out of it.

These bath support lifts enable people of any age to enjoy their baths and showers safely and conveniently.

These devices are powered by a compressor that inflates and deflates them to make getting in and out of a bath easy and safe for individuals with mobility challenges.

They are also equipped with a backrest that can be adjusted to provide additional support and stability.

Inflatable bath lifts are perfect for people who want to lead an independent life, or who don’t need a full time carer but still need a bit of support getting in and out of the bath tub.

Ok, let’s get right into the reviews of our top 2 inflatable bath lifts!

1. Mangar Bathing Cushion

mangar bathing cushion

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The Mangar Bathing Cushion is designed to lift and lower you into your bath safely and easily with its powerful airflow compressor, allowing you to live an independent life no matter what.

Product Dimensions

Inflatable range of height: 20 – 400 mm
Seat depth: 440 mm
Seat width: 580 mm
Backrest width: 540mm
Backrest depth: 330mm
Cushion weight: 2 kg
Compressor weight: 3.7 kg
Maximum weight capacity: 150 kg or 24 stone

The cushion can be deflated right up to the bottom of the bath so that you can enjoy full immersion for the luxury and relaxation of a full bath. If additional support and comfort are required, you can leave a small amount of air in the cushion while you are bathing.

All these adjustments can be made using the hand control that is both user-friendly and waterproof.

This bathing cushion requires no complicated installation. You simply anchor it to the bottom of your bath using the four large suckers located on the base.

The cushion, together with the compressor weighs a little over 5 kg, making it compact and lightweight enough for easy transport and travel.

This product is covered with a 2-year warranty, with the battery covered for 6 months only.

Most customers loved the independence this product has given them in allowing them to enjoy their baths without the worry of slipping or falling down. They love that it is stable, comfortable, convenient, and most especially, easy to use with its simple and well-written instructions.

Many also commended the wonderful customer service the company has given them about certain concerns.

One drawback a few users have mentioned is the fact that the cushion tends to gather moulds quickly if not taken out of the water immediately after use and hung to dry.

Some have also found issues with the battery needing to be charged for 16 hours before use, but some have stated that the charge has lasted them for 5 baths before needing to be recharged, which is quite good for them. An inconvenience, yes, but not a deal-breaker.

2. UK Bathing Cushion Bath Lift

uk inflatable bath lift

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This Bathing Cushion Bath Lift from Performance Health has high stability, support, and comfort to enable the user to bathe independently whenever they want.

Product Dimensions

Bath Cushion

Inflated seat height: 400 mm
Deflated seat height: 20 mm
Seat width: 580 mm
Seat depth: 440 mm
Seat weight: 2 kg
Maximum weight capacity: 153 kg. or 24 stone

Airflo Compressor

Length: 305 mm
Width: 270 mm
Height: 155 mm
Weight: 6 kg

The cushion on this model is made from a special polyurethane coated nylon material which is precision-cut into panels and joined together using high-frequency welding, making it lightweight yet extremely strong and air-tight.

The Mangar Airflo 12 compressor is equipped with a 12v – 2200mAh Ni-MH battery pack and comes with a battery charger with adaptors, a 2-Way hand control, and a user manual.

It easily and gently lowers you to the bottom of your bath, inflating and deflating in just seconds with its powerful air compressor.

It is easy to assemble and does not require any specialized tools nor modifications to your existing bathroom.

You can create a comfortable and stable bath environment by leaving a small amount of air in the cushion as you bathe. The adjustable backrest provides high stability and support.

It fits into most standard bathtubs, and is extremely portable, making it ideal for travelling. It is also fitted with a carry handle for that extra convenience in transport.

Most customers found this bath cushion heaven-sent. They loved the fact that it is simple, easy, and convenient to use. Most also found the company’s after-sales service top-notch.

However, there are a few issues going against this product. The first one is that many users found that you need to have good upper body stability to be able to use this safely. They stated that since the cushion and backrest inflate unevenly, it can push you off balance if you are not holding on to anything.

Some also observed that the cushion has a tendency to float because its feet do not touch the bottom of the bath, which could also pose a small risk.

Inflatable Bath Lifts – Conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article about the best inflatable bath lifts!

The two bath lifts reviewed above are the best on the market for support and comfort. They allow the user to have a calming soak in the tub without the stress of getting in and out of it.

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