Inflatable Bathing Cushion

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Our Review

The first thing you will probably notice here is the price.  Stop! Take a second to read more about this excellent inflatable bathing cushion before you make up your mind.

This cushion has been designed for comfort and stability and is ideal for people who need to be lowered gently into the bath.  When sitting on the cushion, it can be deflated to allow the user to seated at the bottom of the bath.  The user can leave a little air in the cushion to support the back while bathing.  The cushion can be then re-inflated to allow the user to safely exit the bathtub.

I would recommend this bath cushion to anyone suffering from conditions that make it difficult to push up to a standing position while in the bath.

The material of the bath cushion is comfortable and non-slip so the user can be confident in using this cushion.

We found the inflatable bathing cushion to be very reliable.  The pump that inflates the cushion is quiet considering the work it is doing in inflating and deflating a cushion with someone sat on it.

Overall this is a very good product.  Is it expensive? Yes, but generally you will pay for quality and this cushion is quality.


  • Excellent build quality

  • Fold flat for easy transport

  • Comfortable material


  • Could be a little expensive for some people