Welcome to my article about the Kanjo bath lift. I will get into the reviews and pros and cons of the two variations of the Kanjo bath lift, the Kanjo Value and the Kanjo Eco, along with some accessories a bit further down this article.

But first, let’s discuss why you might want to consider a Kanjo bath lift in the first place.

Kanjo Bath Lifts – Introduction

A bath is a relaxing and therapeutic experience for everyone.

The warm water helps to soothe sore muscles and the weightlessness experienced when submerged helps to remove strain and stress from the body.

Baths can be particularly beneficial for the elderly or mobile impaired, however getting in and out of the tub can be difficult and dangerous for those who would benefit from a bath the most.

Thankfully there is a solution to this. Bath lifts have been designed to help those with limited mobility enjoy a bath safely and easily.

Their basic function is a seat that rises to the rim of the bath, and once the user is sitting on it, then lowers them gently into the water.

One of the most popular bath lifts available on the UK market is the Kanjo.

Manufactured by H&M Health and Mobility, it comes in two variations, the Value and the Eco, along with some accessories.

Let’s now take a closer look at this bath lift.

Kanjo Value vs Kanjo Eco Bath Lifts – What’s the difference?

kanjo value bath lift
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kanjo eco bath lift
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There is only one difference between the Kanjo Value and the Kanjo Eco bath lift – the warranty.

The Kanjo Value offers a 1 year warranty on the handset, charger and actuator of the bath lift.

The Kanjo Eco offers 4 year warranty on the handset, charger and actuator of the bath lift.

There is also a slight price difference to reflect the different levels of warranty between the two.

Considering that you get an extra 3 years of warranty with the Eco for only a few pounds more, I’d recommend going with the Eco for peace of mind.

The only exclusion to this is if you only plan on using your bath lift temporarily (under a year), in which case it’s better to opt for the Value to save a few extra pounds.

Ok, now let’s get into the review of these bath lifts!

Kanjo Bath Lift Review

As mentioned, the only difference between the Kanjo Value and the Kanjo Eco is the warranty, so this review is accurate for both models:

Using the latest in technology, the Kanjo bath lift makes it easy for people with limited mobility to get in and out of the bath.

It is suitable for both adults and children.

Its seat can go down as low as 6.5cm from the bottom of the bath to let you submerge into the water as far as possible.

It is battery-powered using Lithium-Ion technology for longer use and faster charging.

It also has a safety feature that will only lower you down the bath if the battery has sufficient power to raise you again.

It is easy to manoeuvre as it is made from lightweight yet sturdy materials.

It is equipped with a stable base plate that is secured using four suction cups.

The backrest can be adjusted to up to 40 degrees to allow the user to recline and relax in the bath.

It also features a dual-action sucker release system so you can easily remove it from the bath.

It also quickly folds into two parts, making it easy to move and transport wherever you need to.

The hand control is fully waterproof and straight forward to use, and the charger connector is thoughtfully designed for less tactile hands.


  • Comes with a fully waterproof hand control

  • Has a biotech design to make it easy to clean

  • Has a textured anti-slip seat

  • Has a load capacity of 140kg

  • Will fit all standard bathtubs

  • Can load weights of up to 140 kilograms

  • Quick and easy installation


  • Some users found the seat slightly uncomfortable

  • Some users found the bath lift heavy

Kanjo Bath Lift Swivel and Slide Seat Transfer Aid

kanjo swivel and slide bath seatThe Kanjo bath lift is an excellent bath lift for those with limited mobility. However, if you need even more support, it comes with an additional accessory that makes it even easier to use – the swivel and slide seat transfer aid.

This seat works by sliding out over the side of the bath lift so that it’s on the edge of the bath. You then sit on it, push yourself back into the centre of the bath lift, and swing your feet into the bath. You can then lower yourself into the water with the bath lift like normal.

This device basically acts like a ledge between the edge of the bath and the bath lift so that less effort is required to sit on the bath lift seat.

It’s great for those with even less mobility but you will still need enough strength to push the seat back to the centre of the bath lift and lift your legs into the tub.

It is easy to clean and comes with a complimentary blue cover to make it even more hygienic.

Whatever the model and make of your Kanjo bath lift is, this swivel and slide seat transfer aid will fit.

Click Here To View The Kanjo Seat Transfer Aid

Kanjo Bath Lift – Conclusion

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of Kanjo bath lifts. As you can see, they’re a great option for those who need that extra bit of support getting in and out of the tub.

If you think you’ll be using your bath lift for many years to come, I recommend opting for the 4 year warranty option with the Kanjo Eco.

And if you need extra help getting onto the seat, the seat transfer aid is a great addition to help with this.

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