lc101 riser recline chair

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Our Review

The LC101 riser recline chair is an excellent chair for the money.  It is a single motor chair meaning that the back cushion and footrest move together, whereas a dual motor chair such as the Medina riser recline chair is able to move the back and footrest independently.  This chair has a remarkably quiet and smooth motor action.

Riser recline chairs allow the user to sit from a standing position and stand from a sitting position with no effort required.

The chair can comfortably lift upto 23st (147kg) which demonstrates the high quality of the frame and lifting mechanism.  The LC101 riser recline chair is supplied with a T back design and is available in 5 colours at the time of writing this review.

We recommend that if you are going to purchase this chair, you have someone handy who can help you assemble it.  The chair will arrive in two parts, and you will need to attach the backrest of the chair, which can be quite tricky especially if you have any dexterity problems.

The supplied remote control is about as simple as it gets.  A simple up and down rocker style switch will be especially good for people who struggle with memory problems.  A convenient side pocket is an ideal place to store the remote control and user manuals.

The link provided is for a set height chair and fabric design, if you need a customer size or design you may be better to visit your local mobility shop, however the price may be a little higher in a store.


  • Wide range of colours

  • Two different backs to choose from

  • 2 year warranty

  • 23st weight limit


  • More expensive than comparable chairs

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