So, you have decided to buy a riser recline chair?

Great choice! When I see people buying these chairs, sometimes I see their faces drop when they see the amount of options that are available.  In this article I will cover the choices people have to make when they have made the decision to buy a riser recliner chair.

1: Single motor recliner or dual motor recliner?

What is the difference between a single motor and dual motor chair?

buy a rise and recline chairOne of the most important decisions to make is the choice of a single or dual motor chair.  The difference is huge, both in function and price.

A single motor recliner chair has one motor that controls the footrest and backrest together.  This means that when the legrest raises up, the backrest reclines back and when the chairs raises to a standing position, the footrest first goes down.

A dual motor recliner chair allows the user to operate the footrest and backrest separately.  This means that the legrest can be raised while the backrest remains still, and vice versa.

Probably the main reason for choosing a single motor chair over a dual motor chair is the cost.  You should expect to pay around 40% more for a recliner with two motors.  If you have the budget available, I would always recommend a two motor model.

2: Where to buy a riser recliner chair?

Through one of our links of course!  I am only half serious.  I would recommend visiting a local mobility shop to try the chairs in person.  There is no website that can offer the kind of personal service that a mobility shop can.  You will of course pay more when dealing with a mobility centre, however you will have the backup and aftercare service that no website can provide.

If you are happy not to receive these benefits and have decided to save a little money by buying online, I would recommend reading my riser recline chair reviews carefully.  Each chair is very different and has unique benefits over the other.  I also put together my list of best riser recliner chairs that may be worth reading.

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3: Waterfall, T-Back or Button back chair?

An often overlooked choice when people go to buy a riser recline chair is the choice of backrest.  This backrest can make a huge difference to the comfort of the chair and different backrests will be suitable for different people.

a) Waterfall backrest

The waterfall backrest, sometimes called a pillow backrest has 3 pillow shaped cushions.  These cushions usually are zipped which allows the user to add and remove filling to achieve maximum comfort.  Usually, the waterfall back is considered to be the softest option available.  A good example of a waterfall backrest would be on the Medina riser recliner chair.

b) T-Back backrest

The t-back backrest has 3 cushions that are adjustable to suit the user.  The lower two cushions have a gap down the middle, this ensures that people who have spinal problems benefit from increased comfort. An example of a t-back backrest would be on the LC101 riser recliner chair.

c) Button back backrest

The button back is the standard design of backrest of more or less any armchair.  It offers all around comfort without any special user needs taken into account.  A good example of the button back backrest would be on the Oldbury riser recliner chair.

4: Battery backup

Most modern recliners have an emergency battery backup system.  This is a very important feature that you probably won’t even think about until you need it.  The battery backup kicks in when you have a power-cut for example. Instead of leaving the user stuck in a reclined position, the battery allows the chair to be returned to a sitting position.

Generally this battery is designed for 1 time use.  It is a 9v (smoke alarm) battery which will need to be replaced every time you have to use the backup system.

5: The remote control

Choosing a chair with a suitable remote control might seem like a small issue, however, some remotes for the dual motor chairs can have between 6 and 8 buttons to operate it.  Single motor recliner chairs usually have a 1 or 2 button remote control that is easier to operate for people with dementia or other memory problems.

The remote can be fastened by a small clip to the side of the chair when not in use.

6: Do you have enough space?

A full reclined standard chair can be up-to 7 feet in length.  Not everyone has that kind of space.  It may be worth looking into a wallhugger chair or tilt in space chair, these kind of recliners have built in space saving options where the base moves forward as the back reclines to save a a little space.

7: Other things to consider

Congratulations if you are still with me, this article has gone quite a little longer than I planned.  Rather than just keep writing, I will just summarise a few other minor things that need to be considered when you have decided to buy a riser recliner chair.

  • Fabric:  Choose a design and colour that matches the room
  • Seat height: The users feet should be flat on the floor when sat in the normal sitting position.
  • Arms: The height of the arms vary from chair to chair.
  • Anti-crush feature:  Recommended if you have small pets or children around.  Recliners with the anti-crush feature can detect foreign objects under the chair and prevent it from lowering on top of them.

I hope you enjoyed this article and you found some useful information that helps you now that you have decided to buy a riser recliner chair.  If you are interested in reading more, I recommend taking a look at my top 5 best riser recliners and the riser recliner reviews section of this website.

Some of our favourite recliner chairs include the Georgia single motor recliner chair, the Oldbury budget riser recliner and the Hainworth recliner chair with massage.