mobility scooter crutch holder

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If you use a mobility scooter, changes are you will have a disability that requires you use a walking stick or crutch when walking.  What happens when you get of the scooter when you reach your destination?  Unless you are able to balance your crutches on your knee, you will probably need a bag to store your crutches or walking sticks when riding your mobility scooter.  The mobility scooter crutch holder is the perfect solution.

The bag itself is very spacious and features a reflective stripe which will make the user of the mobility scooter a lot easier to see, especially in low light conditions.

The side mounted crutch holder is out of the way of the main bag so it can be unzipped without the crutch or walking stick getting in the way.  The bag also has a small storage area on the front for storing important papers or other small items.

The mobility scooter crutch holder bag also has a handle so it can be easily lifted off the mobility scooter.  The bag is very well made of black nylon upholstery and wears very well over time.

With a width of 12″, height of 20″ and depth of 5.5″, the bag is very spacious and will allow the user to carry a large amount of shopping.  It has been designed to be a universal fit for all mobility scooters.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone who uses a mobility scooter.

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  • Large storage space

  • Reflective strip for extra visability

  • Secondary storage pocket

  • Universal fit


  • None