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I would never recommend anyone to go out on a mobility scooter in the rain, the number of mobility scooters I have seen damaged by water getting into the electronics and in some cases the motor underneath must be in the hundreds by now.  Sometimes however, it is unavoidable if you get caught out in the rain.  A mobility scooter tiller cover will protect the electronics in the steering column against damage from rain, snow and other water splashes.  An investment of a few pounds could save you hundreds in the long run.

This mobility scooter tiller cover will allow you to maintain full control of the scooter, while it protects the electrics and controls from water.

The link at the top of this page and the button below are for a large tiller cover, for a smaller one, please see the link in the “you may also like” section below.

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  • Great price

  • Protect your mobility scooter from the rain

  • Universal fit


  • None