Montreal dual motor rise and recline chair

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Our Review

The Montreal rise and recline chair is a cost effective and stylish dual motor chair and is available in three attractive colours (black, cream and chestnut).

The dual motor functionality allows the leg rests and back rests to be controlled independently of one another.  This gives the user more choice when choosing how to sit or even sleep in the chair.

Unlike other dual motor chairs, the Montreal has a simple to use remote which will assist users with memory problems and dexterity issues such as arthritis.

The Montreal has a beautifully padded backrest which is in a standard armchair design rather than the usual waterfall, tback or button back style usually found in riser recliner chairs.

When standing, the Montreal lifts to an almost standing position with ease, demonstrating the power of the dual motor.  When reclining, the chair lays almost flat, which would be suitable as a sleeping position.

The leather on the chair seems to be really high quality and has worn very well in the examples I have seen.

As with almost all chairs of this type, you will probably need help to assemble it.  It was not difficult to put together, but it was quite heavy.  You will simply need to slide the back rest into the chair and connect the power lead.

Overall I would recommend the Montreal as a budget, dual motor rise and recline chair.


  • Beautiful leather finish

  • Stands nearly vertical, reclines almost horizontal

  • Good price for a dual motor

  • Easy to operate remote control


  • None

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