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Our Review

I was recently asked to review a range of products by Tenura, a manufacturer of anti-slip products based in the UK.  The first product up for review is the non-slip tablemat.

It is pretty obvious that Tenura have designed these products with the user in mind.  They are available in 3 different sizes as well as three different colours.

Made from non-toxic rubber the tablemats contain an anti-microbial additive to protect against bacteria, mould and fungi.  The tablemat is dishwasher safe, so it is easy to clean.

One thing I will add is how well packaged the products by Tenura are. I am not normally one to even think about packaging but they have done a great job in making the product as visually appealing as possible.

The anti-slip tablemat performed very well when we tested it under 3 conditions.

  1. Under a plate on a dinner tray.  The anti-slip mat kept the plate in place whilst being carried on a wooden dinner try.  In normal situations the plate can move around and risk spilling food.
  2. Under a toaster on a marble worktop.   A toaster that would normally slide around when pushing town the lever to turn it on was held in place well by the tablemat.
  3. To hold a bowl in place on a marble worktop.  For those with limited mobility in hands, the mat will be ideal for using mixing bowls.  The mat kept the bowl in place while mixing, without using the other hand to hold the bowl in place.

Specifications of the anti-slip tablemat

non-slip tablematThe following specs are based on the product that we tried.  Different sizes are available.

  • Sizes: 25.5cm x 18.5cm, 35.5cm x 25.5cm and 45.5 x 38.5cm
  • Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow

Overall, I would say these are excellent products with a tremendous upside.  They serve more than one purpose and should last a good few years without having to be replaced.  I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

Made by Tenura.


  • Works very well

  • Attractive packaging

  • Multiple uses

  • Dishwasher friendly


  • Could have been a little bigger