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A friend’s parents recently became in need of a riser recline chair due to ill health.  With them being on a tight budget, they begin the search around local shops but couldn’t find anything under £600.  They happened to come across the Oldbury budget riser and recliner chair on Amazon, with it being well under budget they decided to take the plunge and order it.  To everyone’s surpise, especially mine, this budget riser recliner does the job to perfection.  While it is obviously missing some features that are present in more expensive models, the Oldbury suited them just fine and has been a real workhorse for the past few months.

The Oldbury budget riser and recliner chair is a single motor unit meaning that the footrest and backrest work together so when the footrest goes up, the backrest reclines.    Supplied with a simple to operate two button remote it should be easy enough to operate for most people.  The chair supports up to 23st (145kg) demonstrating the excellent build quality.  The Oldbury is supplied in an attractive floral design on an equally attractive beige fabric.

An excellent budget riser recliner chair

If the user suffers from arthritis, back problems or lack of strength the chair will be an excellent buy.  The simple easy to use remote should mean it is suitable for people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The chair arrived in two boxes, with the bottom half of the chair being very, very heavy.  You will need to ask a friend or the delivery driver to assist you putting the chair in place.  The two parts will fit together very easily by clipping the backrest in to the base of the chair.

Once assembled, the chair uses mains electricity from a standard UK plug.  If you are looking for a riser recline chair for you or your parents, I would definitely recommend the Oldbury.

Although this is a cheap rise and recline chair, the quality of the build is high.

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  • Low cost chair

  • Very comfortable

  • Best seller

  • Excellent user feedback


  • Relatively unknown manufacturer

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