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Orca Bathlift – Our Review

The Orca bathlift by Invacare is a high quality, durable bathlift that is perfect for those who need a bit of extra assistance getting in and out of the tub.

It’s fair to say that this is the number one bathlift on the market, with its excellent reliability and unique power supply, the ORCA bathlift is a big step forward in the bathlift market.

Orca Bathlift Features

The Orca bathlift is powered by a remote which is charged separately and is fully waterproof.  The remote can be floated in the water while the user is in the bath.

The anti-slip covers and the back seat can be easily removed for ease of cleaning and to move the bathlift. 

The Orca has a weight limit of 140 kg which means that this particular bathlift is suitable for most people.

The bathlift has four suckers on the bottom which enable it to remain firmly in place and not float or slip when there is water in the bath.

The Orca is more or less plug and play, you will just need to attach the back by clipping it in and plugging in the remote.

The seat has a width of 15″ (37.5cm), a depth of 19″ (49cm) and a length of 23″ (58cm).  The backrest is 26″ (66.5cm) high.

It is extremely easy to get in and out of the chair thanks to the flaps on the side. 

Another great quality of the Orca is that it folds down to a small size when not in use, and has a sleek design. A lot of users report that it doesn’t look like a mobility aid at all, and are more than happy to keep it permanently in their bathroom without feeling like they’re in a nursing home or hospital.

Here is a summary of the pros and cons of this bathlift:


  • Powerful lifting mechanism

  • Removable covers

  • Powered by removable remote which is charged seperately

  • Good price

  • Sleek and attractive design


  • Lifting mechanism is a little slow

Orca Bathlift – Conclusion

One of the biggest challenges facing disabled people is the loss of independence, and the Orca bathlift goes a long way towards giving that independence back.

This bathlift is sleek, easy to use, reliable, and above all, enables the user to enjoy their bath without worrying about slipping or pain when they get in and out of the tub. What more could you want!

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