Powered Lift Assist Cushion

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Riser recliner chairs can be very expensive, upwards of £1,000 in fact.  If you already have a suitable armchair, you can instead purchase a powered lift assist cushion.  The lift cushion allows the user to be seated and stand easily and takes strain off the arms, back and legs.

The cushion itself has a memory foam core which will add to user comfort.  It also has a large simple to use toggle switch to operate the device.  The cover of the cushion is waterproof and is removable so it can be washed.  Between washes it is also easily wiped down.

The powered lift assist cushion will help anyone suffering from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or any other serious mobility problems.  It can be difficult for carers or partners to lift people from a seated position, the lift cushion will be an excellent aid to these people.

With a maximum user width of 21st (136kg), it is clear that the cushion has an incredibly powerful yet smooth lifting mechanism.  The depth of the cushion is 19 3/4″, width 17″, height 2″ to 10″.  The seat weighs just 5.4kg so it can be easily transported perhaps between different chairs.  The cushion is powered by mains electricity and has a chord length of 2.74m (9ft).

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  • More affordable than a full riser recline chair

  • Memory foam cushion

  • High weight limit

  • Lighweight

  • Reliable


  • Not as comfortable as using a riser recliner chair