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Someone who uses one of these chair will likely be sat in it for long periods.  Such a person will likely need a pressure care cushion which is not supplied on a standard rise and recline chair.  If you have looked into buying a rise and recline chair that includes a pressure relief cushion built in, you would be looking at £1,500 minimum.  The pressure relief overlay will greatly reduce that cost.

The pressure relief overlay is universal fit so it will work with any riser recliner chair.

Thanks to the unique design, the pressure relief overlay will not lose shape and help to distribute weight evenly to help avoid pressure sores associated with people of sit in the same position for long periods of time.

The overlay is held in place on the chair using the supplied straps and fasteners and is very secure when in place and will not move when in use.

Overall the pressure relief overlay is a very good buy for someone looking to save a little money compared with the cost of buying a specialist pressure care riser recliner chair.


  • Inexpensive pressure care solution

  • Soft, comfortable finish

  • Fits any riser recliner chair

  • None