revolving swivel car seat

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Our Review

The revolving swivel car seat by Aidapt is a great mobility aid, it has a full 360 degree rotation.  It will allow the user to easily turn when getting in and out of a car if they suffer with back pain or joint pain.  The cushion has a non-slip base to keep it secure while in use.  Not recommended for use in vehicles with bucket seats.

Recently my father, while waiting for hip replacement surgery has been using this exact swivel seat, it has made a big difference to him.  He is easily able to get out of the car without pain, which was a big problem for him before using the cushion.  As well as being used in the car, this cushion could also be used around the home.

The cushion is very lightweight so it is very portable for moving between vehicles or between rooms in the home.

The revolving swivel car seat has a removable, machine washable cover to keep it looking like new.


  • Smooth turning action

  • Useful in cars and homes

  • Removable, washable cover


  • Not the best looking

  • Doesn’t work well with bucket style car seats