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The SAD therapy light by Beurer is a must have for anyone suffering from seasonal effective disorder.  Having suffered from depression and anxiety for many years, I noticed that the symptoms were worse in the winter months.  Purchasing one of these SAD therapy lights was one the best decisions I have ever made.  It is certainly not a cure, but it does help a lot.  The TL40 model highlighted in this review is a compact unit that will fit comfortably on any desk and can even be wall mounted.  If you are looking for a treatment for depression, this would be a good place to start.

SAD therapy lights work by normalising the hormone balance and any light deficiency in the body.  The TL40 has a LUX of 10,000 at a distance of 15cm, this is compared to around 500 LUX in an office environment for example. Unlike some similar devices the TL40 does not emit any UV light.

The warming effect has been shown to help in treatment for depression and if you are looking for a way to treat anxiety, please consider getting a SAD lamp in addition to other treatments you may be receiving.

The therapy light is powered by mains, with a power lead of approximately 1 metre.  The size of the unit when stood is 20 x 21 cm, which means it is compact enough to keep on a desk.

Beurer is a trusted name in the world of medical devices, constantly manufacturing quality products that make a real difference in peoples lives.


  • Great for people suffering SAD, anxiety or depression

  • Great price

  • Trusted brand

  • Compact size


  • None