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If you are looking for a budget self propelled wheelchair im sure this wheelchair will be fine.  As the wheelchair is made from steel rather than aluminium it is not particularly lightweight.  At nearly 20kg, it may be difficult for some people to lift the chair when transporting.  Would you be better spending a little more and getting a lightweight aluminium chair?  Probably, but that is not always an option.  For those on a tight budget, this wheelchair by Aidapt will be just fine.  Aside from the extra weight, I have found this wheelchair to perform well.

The has a modern, appealing look and has obviously been built for economy, function and reliability.  The wheels are puncture proof (front and rear) and are 24″ at the back and 8″ at the front.  The rear wheels are removable thanks to quick release buttons which should make it a little easier to lift.  The padded armrests on this wheelchair lift up to help when transferring in and out of the chair.  I found the 18″ seat to be very comfortable thanks to excellent padding.

Behind the seat, the wheelchair has a storage pocket for storing small items such as newspapers.  As standard, the wheelchair is supplied with anti-tip bars, lap belt seat belt and a leg strap.

The adjustable footrests are removable to ensure it will be suitable for smaller and taller people.

The maximum user weight of the budget self propelled wheelchair is 18st.

Overall, I rate this wheelchair very highly.  Despite the low price, it has a definite upside.


  • Good price

  • Sturdy and well built

  • Puncture-proof wheels

  • Storage pocket

  • Adjustable footrests


  • Made of steel so quite heavy

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