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The Sholeco Shopping Trolley is sort of like the Rolls Royce of shopping trolleys.  It’s advanced features ensure that it is stable and can give the owner their independence and confidence back.  The Sholeco shopping trolley is recommended by Doctors and Physiotherapists.

With it’s solid frame comes the reassurance that this trolley should last between eight and ten years.  The very lightweight frame should mean that the trolley can be lifted by anyone.  The shopping trolley can also be folded flat instantly for easy storage and transportation.

The trolley has a large main shopping bag with a very impressive six additional pockets, which means the user can store anything they could wish to keep in it.

Another good feature of the Sholeco is the lack of a back axel.  Why is this good?  Anyone who has ever used a shopping trolley will tell you how many times they have kicked the trolley when walking, this won’t happen with the Sholeco.  The large wheels also lift the bottom of the trolley away from the users feet.  These wheels are also lockable for when the user is stood still or when the trolley is stood, unused.


  • Large shopping bag

  • Locking brakes

  • Multiple storage pockets

  • Easily folded


  • Price – A little expensive compared to other similar shopping trolleys

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