shopping trolley with swivel wheels

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Our Review

If you are looking for a cheap shopping trolley for the elderly or disabled, you can probably stop looking right now.  If you have seen the Sholeco shopping trolley here on shop disability you will probably recognise the design.  Think of the shopping trolley with swivel wheels as a cheaper version of the Sholeco with many of the same great features.

I should probably start this review talking about the wheels which swivel through 360 degrees.  This makes a massive difference to the users ability to move the trolley around.

This shopping trolley will fold flat when not in use and is very easy to unfold.  When the trolley arrived it was flat packed with just the padded handlebar to attach.

I was surprised at just how lightweight this shopping trolley is, I was expecting it to be a little heavier.  Despite the low weight, the trolley feels extremely sturdy and feels like it will last a long time.

On the pavement we found the trolley to be very smooth to push.  The lid of the trolley could do with a fastener to hold it down as it blew open a couple of times in strong wind conditions.  The brakes do look a little flimsy, however during our tests they did not break.

The capacity of the bag itself is very good and we were able to fit 5 full carrier bags in it with no problem.

The padded handle is adjustable in height so it can be adjusted to suit most users.

Overall the shopping trolley with swivel wheels is a value for money trolley that should suit most users and provide years of good service.


  • Bag Height: 56cm

  • Bag Width: 32cm

  • Bag Depth: 32cm

  • Overall Trolley Dimensions: Length 50cm, Depth 46cm, Height 102cm


  • Budget price

  • Lightweight

  • Padded handlebar

  • Large capacity

  • Swivel wheels


  • Could to with a fastener to keep lid shut

  • The brakes are not brilliant

Shopping Trolley With Swivel Wheels – Conclusion

We hope that you’ve found this review helpful!

This shopping trolley with swivel wheels is well worth the investment for anyone looking for a trolley that can carry all their things while still being easy to handle and manoeuvre.

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