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Our Review

What a genius invention this is.  Thanks to the sock aid device, the days of those using those awkward bits of plastic with the string attached are history.  We recommend watching the video below to truly appreciate how good this is.

This unique product has been developed over a number of years to assist a person who is disabled or has issues following surgery such as hip replacement surgery to put on socks.   As the unit is made in Germany, chances are the instructions you will receive will be in German, however using the instructional video below should assist you.

Often, following surgery such as hip replacements or knee replacements any kind of strain should be avoided.  Bending over to take off and put on socks can cause strain on the back, arms and legs.  The sock aid device eliminates this strain as well as the pain this can cause.

The sock aid device is supplied with a multi-use tool that works as a hook to pick up the sock aid as well as a sock remover that will help you take off socks


  • Genius design

  • Hook to pickup the device

  • One handed operation

  • Take socks off with the handy tool


  • Instructions in German