Swift Self Propelled Wheelchair

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Our Review

The Swift Self Propelled Wheelchair is an excellent wheelchair.  It has a very lightweight frame (10.2kg) which will make it easy to move around when it is not in use.

As well as being self propelled so the user can push themselves, it also has attendant controls so a friend or carer can push the user as well.  The large rear wheels have a quick release button so the wheels can be removed when transporting the chair in a car.  The backrest also folds in half and the whole chair folds vertically.  The footrests can also be removed when you need to get it in the boot of a car.  Thanks to its compact design, the Swift Self Propelled Wheelchair can be used indoor and will fit through doorways.

The brakes on the handlebars can be locked by the person pushing.  Also, the user is able to lock the brakes directly on the wheels using easy to operate handles.

The wheelchair is very well built and has an aluminium cross brace under the seat that will support users up to 18.5st (115kg).  There is an option when ordering of choosing either the 16″ version or the 18″ version, this refers to the width of the seat.

Unlike other similar chairs, the Swift does not have a storage pocket on the reverse of the seat.

The footrests are adjustable between 38cm and 48cm which should make the chair suitable for smaller or taller users.

Overall this is an excellent, budget self propelled wheelchair.  The range of adjustments mean it is suitable for most people.  The only negative I can find is the lack of the back pocket which won’t be a big miss for most people.


  • Quick release wheels

  • Compact design

  • Modern design

  • Lightweight

  • Very well built


  • Missing rear storage pocket

  • Seat not too comfortable, recommend getting a cushion

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