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The Therabath Wax Bath one my very favourite mobility aids, it is used to treat the pain associated with arthritis and joint inflammation.  It has been proven to improve circulation and ease pain.  This wax bath is commonly used in NHS hospitals, rehabilitation centres and beauty salons.

With a massive 9lb capacity, the unit is large enough to fit hands, feet and even elbows!

While this unit is more expensive than cheaper models available online, the build quality and large capacity makes a massive difference to the quality of the wax bath.  You will not regret spending a little more in the long run.  Therabath offer a multi-year warranty on their wax baths to cover against power failure.

We recommend that the unit is left switched on permanently as it will use less energy than heating from cold each time and from cold it will take 6 hours or so to melt the wax to usable temperature.

This wax bath is supplied with 6 pounds of wax (unscented), so should last between 3 to 6 months, depending on usage.  Therabath recommend replacing the wax with the official Therabath wax refills, however I have found no problems in the past using cheaper alternatives.


  • Large size

  • Proven relief of pain

  • Low energy usage

  • Multi-year warranty


  • Price

  • Long warm up time from cold