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Our Review

The trolley walking aid by Days (Performance Health) is a combination tea trolley and walking frame complete with wheels and locking brakes.  Thanks to these large wheels, the trolley can be used inside or outside.  It has height adjustable handles, however the height of the tray section is not adjustable.  The shelves are removable for easy cleaning and have a lip on each side to prevent items slipping of when moving around the home.

The trolley walking aid arrived pretty much assembled, I was only required to insert the handles and clip on the trays.  I have to mention the insanely sized box this came in, so big in fact that it wouldn’t fit through the door and had to be “assembled” in the driveway.

The overall width of the trolley is 23″ (58.5cm) which includes 18″ (45cm) trays. The maximum user weight it 19.5st (125kg).

The lower shelf of the walker is set slightly forward so that the users legs do not hit the shelf while walking, also the user could park the trolley in front of them while seated and use it as a table.

The colour of the unit is not particularly attractive (cream) however I usually go for function over appearance.

Overall this is an excellent mobility aid and will serve the user well for a long time thanks to it’s excellent build quality.  It will be good for people with a wide range of health problems.


  • Two large shelves

  • Locking brakes

  • Staggered shelving to aid walking without bumping legs


  • Looks a little old fashioned